March 21, 2011

Top Cow Reviews: Artifacts #6

Artifacts #6
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Whilce Portacio
Cover: Phil Noto

“Artifacts pt 6”: After Marz left us dangling with last issue’s ending, he unapologetically slams you face first into one hell of a fight and even a couple of reveals in Artifacts #6! We finally get to see a bit of what the thirteenth Artifact bearer can do, and I’ll just say that this guy is going to be a handful when it comes time to throw down. Speaking of “throw downs,” the good guy Artifact bearers vs. Cyberforce fight was just pure fun to watch and read. Halfway through, Ballistic realizes that her team has been played for the fool and delivers on her promise to shoot Aphrodite if she was lying. It’s going to take more than a few blasts to the face to put her down, though, so it’s a good thing Sara’s around and very much pissed at Aphrodite for killing her sister and kidnapping her child. Let’s just say she pretty much settles the score at least a little, and gets a shiny new Artifact in the process.

By this issue I actually expected there to be a lull in the story considering it’s a thirteen part event. It’s not so bad being wrong, and the series is still firing on all cylinders thanks to a story that’s still engaging and artwork that pleases the eye. Sure, most of the issue is one huge fight between the good guys, but Marz hits you with two big things as you get a display of the thirteenth Artifact bearer’s power and the main bad guy finally gets some face time. By that I mean no shadowy hood or a partial reveal shot, but a full on reveal for the character that’s been the power behind the bad guys. I didn’t recognize him, so I’m hoping he’s new to the Top Cow Universe, and if not then I’d rather not know until further in the series. So no spoilers in the comments section people!

Portacio brings his unique style to this arc of Artifacts, and as with last issue this one looks just as good. What really helps are those dynamic panel layouts that really take the fight scenes to the next level. The only part that I felt lacked a bit was the huge explosion towards the end of the issue. I’m not sure what it was about that part, but it didn’t jump out at me like the other parts of the book. Speaking of art, I’d like to ask who the hell is Mukesh Singh and why haven’t I seen his stuff before? He is the artist for the Spear of Destiny spotlight, and the guy just wows with two pages of artwork. So Top Cow get this guy a mini-series, back up stories, or something, but get on that quick!

Artifacts hearkens back to the days of simplified events that had major ramafications for the characters and didn’t spin off into twenty other titles to get you into the story. Marz has been able to make it stand on its own, and Broussard and Portacio have elevated the story with great artwork. So with that said, I can’t wait for the next issue as it seems we’ll get to see how the daughter of the Witchblade and the Darkness, Hope, factors into all of this.

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  1. Billy

    This series sounds like its going to be something Marz can hang his hat on for a looong time.

  2. Definitely a good series Billy!

  3. Himanshu

    this issue was an awesome read…really love the Artifact series.. (well almost all books of Witchblade, Darkness, Magdelena and Angelus).

    Mukesh Singh is Indian artist based in India, he works for Liquid Comics(formerly Virgin Comics)……you can see his work on Devi(initial issues), Game Keeper volume 1(by Guy Richie), 18 Days (by Grant Morrison) and Devi/Witchblade Crossover……and yes he is Terrific!!!!

  4. I was actually debating on ordering 18 Days now that I know Mukesh is the artist then that pretty much seals the deal. I appreciate the info Himanshu, thanks!

  5. […] access to his titles. I’m not sure if it’s on purpose (with the exception of Artifacts) or just the way some of the stories play out, but for whatever reason he’s got the right […]

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