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March 12, 2011

Gotta Have It! Figure Edition: DC Unlimited Dragon Age Series 1: Morrigan

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Written by: Melissa
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Larger-than-life heroes and villains from one of the best-rated games of 2009 are captured in 3-D by DC Unlimited! The Morrigan Action Figure stands at 6.5″ high.

Product Line: DC Unlimited Dragon Age Series 1: Morrigan
Company: DC Direct
Released: 2011
Packaging: Blister Card Packaging
Where to Buy: Any retail store with a toy department.
Price: US $19.99
Height: 6.5 inches


Because the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins was just released this week, it’s only fitting that I review the latest action figures from the first game. Morrigan, easily a favorite character, was sassy, powerful, and even quite evil at times. A strong ally, she pulled her weight in more ways than one on your journey to save Fereldon and beat the Arch Demon. This action figure is from the first series Bioware put out, and starts off strong.

Paint Job: Though not many colors are present on her costume, Morrigan’s paint job is well done. All of her clothing has elements of shading which add a great three dimensional quality. Another plus? No bleeding. Nothing extremely eye-catching, but not disappointing either.

Sculpt: The sculpt is the strong point on this figure. Her elaborate costume pieces, from her skirt to her highly detailed boots, are all delicately sculpted with finesse. Even the feathers and tiny bead work on her chest look pretty solid. Her entire boot area looks phenomenal – all those details must have taken ages to complete. The only complaint I have is in her face. It just…doesn’t look quite like the sexy character I came to love. It’s similar, sure, but it’s lacking that something that makes it truly Morrigan.

Durability: Because she doesn’t come equipped with any sort of stand, her durability is not as high as others from DC Direct. She’s plastic, but gravity’ll win eventually.

Poseability: Morrigan possesses a few good points of articulation in her arms, feet, and her head. However, because her skirt is incredibly long and stiff, she isn’t able to do much besides stand up straight and shift her feet up and down. You’re pretty much limited to a maximum of two poses: standing slightly to the left…or to the right.

Accessories: Morrigan comes with her signature magic staff…and that’s it. No base/stand, no potions…nothing. Which kind of sucks, because I could think of a number of cool items that would have made her just that much more special. It’s also rather annoying when a figure doesn’t come with a stand: the balancing act becomes quite a challenge. And doesn’t hold up well in a city known for earthquakes.

What’s Awesome: The sculpt and costume likeness to the character. It’s pretty awesome to see the detailed costume in the flesh, and have it look great as well.

What Sucks: She doesn’t come with a base and the lacking of likeness in her face. Morrigan was hot – I want to see it come to life!

Overall: Overall, I give this figure a 3.5/5. She looks great and possesses quite a solid sculpt, but I would have liked to see more work done in her face and for her to come with a few more accessories. She makes a great addition to any Bioware fan’s shelf, though, and is quite good for such a highly detailed character!

Melissa Kay



  1. Funny, I was just looking at this figure at a friend’s place and I was thinking that her facial expression could have been better considering how great the character looks on the game from the cutscenes to the actual game play. I also thought the way her hand is positioned to hold the staff was a bit awkward but that could just be me.

    And it looks like gravity isn’t a friend to any woman. Real or action figure.

  2. Kristin

    Her face is definitely lacking her sassy personality.
    Also, the stiffness of the skirt makes posing at the waist pretty odd looking.

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