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February 13, 2011

Gotta Have It! Statue Edition: Dark Phoenix Bishoujo Statue

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Written by: Melissa
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Presented in the Japanese Bishoujo (Pretty Girl) style based upon the illustrations of Shunya Yamashita and sculpted by Koei Matsumoto, the Marvel Bishoujo 1/8 Scale Dark Phoenix Statue is a PVC sculpture measuring approximately 9″ tall. Situated airily atop a base comprised of translucent red-orange flame, the amber-eyed Dark Phoenix is clad in her contour-hugging red costume complete with gold gloves, thigh-high boots, and billowing waist sash. Marking turmoil within the ranks of the X-Men, the Dark Phoenix Saga charted Jean Grey’s evolution as host to the Phoenix entity and the corruption that ultimately transformed her into the Dark Phoenix. Spawned in part by a series of various schemes and identity-effacing manipulations on the part of the Hellfire Club, the Dark Phoenix turned on the X-Men before she sought out another galaxy entirely and elevated her destructive appetites to nearly godlike proportions. The Dark Phoenix Saga set fixates on the last cataclysmic Moon showdown.

Dark Phoenix Bishoujo Statue
Statue Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 9 inches
Released: August 2010
Retail Price: $59.99

Jean Grey has long been a favorite X-men character of mine. Intelligent, strong, loving, and of course, beautiful, Jean Grey’s inherent dark nature has always piqued my interest, as well as many others. Jean Grey’s descent into the madness that is Dark Phoenix remains one of the most interesting and impacting stories in the Marvel universe to this day.

Kotobukiya knocks another one out of the park with this voluptuous Bishoujo version of Dark Phoenix. The quality of Kotobukiya is superb and renowned around the world. A recent addition in a line of various Marvel beauties, Dark Phoenix stands out as one of the best. Additionally, a Phoenix statue is also available in a similar pose and sculpt that looks just as nice as this one.

The sculpt is utterly fantastic here. Besides being a little overly busty, the overall shape of her figure is perfect. From the gorgeous sash to her fiery, flowing hair, no detail has been overlooked. Even the base of fire is sculpted to depict ‘moving’ fire, and manages to do so successfully. The smooth lines of her body fall nicely in contrast with the texture of her hair, allowing for a further sense of depth. Very impressed, as usual with Kotobukiya.

The paint job is also very well done on this statue. Shiny, metallic golds meet rich, lustrous reds for the majority, while a  more matte orange and red splash across her hair and the base. Even her face looks pretty detailed for a Kotobukiya figure. If you look closely, you’ll be able to see ‘fiery’ eyes and even eyelashes. I’m very pleased with the quality of the paint.

Overall, I give this Dark Phoenix statue a 4.75/5. Every component of this statue is superb in quality and effort. Even though she tends to be a bit busty, it still looks fantastic and makes a great addition to any Marvel lover’s toy shelf.

Melissa Kay



  1. Billy

    Very cool statue. I don’t really like the base a whole lot, but its very well done otherwise.

  2. Kristin

    They paint job is fantastic. Also like how the hair is translucent on the ends.

  3. Melissa I loved everything you said about Jean Grey! She is my favorite as well.

  4. Kristin, the paint job is by far the best part. You should see it in person! Doesn’t disappoint 🙂

  5. This looks a LOT better than that Phoenix action figure that was out a while back!

  6. Andrew Hudson

    Wow, the details and coloring are amazing. It makes you wonder how a (new) manga adaptation of the X-Men would be like.

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