February 22, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 2/16/11

Amazing Spider-Man #654.1 (Marvel)
Andy: The House of Ideas could not have picked a better person to be the new Venom.
Jeff: I love this new status quo for Venom. Really cool idea and Flash Thompson is a perfect fit for the symbiote.
Dale:  The first ASM I can say I’ve truly enjoyed since #543, but then this wasn’t really a Spider-Man book. Great intro for the new Venom though.
Aron: The BEST .1 so far! And, holy cow! Look what’s coming up! WHAAAAAAT?!

Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #5 (Marvel)
Andy: At first I wasn’t a fan of this series, but Kaare Andrews’ art has really grown on me. I’m happy to conclude the title fits.
Jeff: Doc Croc is a BAD. ASS. The best thing this mini did was pull him from obscurity.
NickZ: This limited series was just strange and not my cup of tea.
Dale: And so another unnecessary X-Men mini-series comes to a welcome end. These characters don’t resemble the mainstream team in either action nor look, though the latter is due more to the terrible art.

Avengers Academy #9 (Marvel)
This series is one of the best unknown Marvel books. Gage has created some characters with depth, and McKone’s art is awesome. Tigra needs to put on pants though.
Dale: Finesse vs Taskmaster was well done, really enjoyed TM’s reason for fighting her, but the rest of this title is floundering.

Batman #707 (DC)
NickZ: A great Batman story from start to finish.
Dale: The “Mask of the Beholder” is over, well that’s a relief. The new Riddler storyline looks to be interesting.
Andy: Tony Daniel did a great job with this arc, especially the art- man did he kill it!
Infinite Speech: Pullin’ double duty as writer and artist, Tony Daniel has started his run pretty strongly with this arc!
Aron: The conclusion to the first Tony Daniel arc that just didn’t thrill me. But who the hell was that on the final page???

The Boys #51 (Dynamite)
Andy: Can we get to the big fight already!? Yeesh.

Brightest Day #20 (DC)
Andy: Ok, seriously. Deadman is the biggest cock block ever. What a wanker.
NickZ: I’m starting to feel like they brought some of these people back to life for no reason at all.
: Another one of the Twelve finishes his mission as this title rushes towards its conclusion.
Aron: WOO HOO! I hope that doesn’t get retconned!

Charmed #6 (Zenescope)
: Trying to imitate the success of BTVS Season 8, Zenescope’s Charmed takes place after the close of the TV series. While faithful to the characters the stories just don’t hold up.

Daredevil Reborn #2 (Marvel)
Andy: Not sure where this is headed, but I hope when it concludes the effects are lasting and impacting. Not sure it feels that way yet.
Aron: Wasn’t as impressed with this issue as I was with the first.

Darkwing Duck #9 (BOOM!)
Andy: This series is one of the most fun titles on the shelves. If you liked the cartoon, you’ll love the comic!

Deadpool Max #5 (Marvel)
NickZ: With Deadpool not being himself for most of the issue, this book felt a bit flat.

Doom Patrol #19 (DC)
Aron: Not really necessary to read if you read Secret Six #30. A pointless part two.

Fables #102 (Vertigo)
Andy: I was skeptical of the superheroes thing invading the Fables world, but no longer! Willingham is poised to make it work, keeping a careful balance between humor and drama.
Dale: Willingham spins another great tale. With the Fables backed to their final refuge. Bigby returns to Haven, while Pinocchio and Ozma begin recruiting for a team of Super Fables.

Formic Wars #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Lots of expo in this one, but it looks promising. I just hope it doesn’t get all Mormon on us.

Generation Hope #4 (Marvel)
Andy: The best issue of this series so far. Hopefully it’s going somewhere…
Jeff: I’m just not sure about this series. I just don’t understand the purpose. This issue was OK, but it needs a focused point.
NickZ: Not a whole lot happened but I think the book will finally start going somewhere now that the main characters have been established.

Green Hornet Year One #8 (Dynamite)
Dale: Matt Wagner continues the tale of the origins of the Green Hornet in the ’40s. Forget the drek that Seth Rogen portrayed in the movie and check out a story that holds true to the history of the character.

Green Lantern #62 (DC)
Andy: Meh. Just meh.
Dale: The New Guardians get their butts handed to them by Krona. So in true Hal Jordan form he not only refuses help from his JLA friends, he ditches them. Is it any wonder that Bruce still doesn’t trust him.
Infinite Speech: With 2 Batmen running around I know someone would confuse the costumes, but this issue was a great set up for War of the Green Lanterns!
Aron: Hal Jordan is no better than The Cape. He got his ass beat by a midget. Also, Batman was drawn wrong.

Green Lantern Corps #57 (DC)
Andy: That was an unexpected ending! This series and Emerald Warriors are blowing Geoff Johns’ GL book out of the water right now.

G.I. Joe Cobra #13 (IDW)
Andy: Holy crap, this series was phenomenal. The best title of IDW’s reboot, and a must read for any G.I. Joe fan. YO JOE!

Hawkeye: Blindspot #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Hawkeye fans- read this. Clint is going blind and needs all the help he can get…including in sales.

Hellblazer #276 (Vertigo)
Aron: Jump on now, y’all. It’s safe. What’s NOT safe is if you cross John Constantine. Read about it HERE. Number two seven six. Buy it.

Hulk #30 (Marvel)
Andy: This was a weird issue and nothing like the previous arc. Wasn’t really a fan. And what happened to Gabriel Hardman? His art was great.
Dale: Impossible Man!!! Well, there is also the story of the Hulks combining to take on Xemnu, but quite frankly its a pretty lame story. Just skip to the last page and read the Mini Hulks story.

Jennifer Blood #1 (Dynamite)
Andy: House mom by day, vigilante killer by night. It’s a cool idea, but still too early to tell if it’s one to stick with.
Aron: I can’t figure out who is more of a badass. Jennifer Blood or Charly Baltimore?

Jericho #4 (IDW)
Infinite Speech: The origin of John Smith I liked. The art, not so much.

Justice League of America #54 (DC)
NickZ: I learned a lot about Eclipso, but not much else.
Dale: Don’t look for the JLA in this book. It’s stricly a set up story for Eclipso and the next arc.
Aron: Is that Hobgoblin on the cover? That’s Hobgoblin on the cover. Eclipso looks like a Marvel goblin. Also, HOLY CRAP it was wordy!

Legion of Super Heroes #10 (DC)
Dale: Chameleon Boy has to face the Durlon behind the plot and ends up fighting his MOM! Brainy takes over as acting leader and the new Green Lantern, Mon-El gets recalled to duty as the new leader. Another good issue.

Loki #3 (Marvel)
Dale: Marvel’s latest out of 616 continuity Thor story. Based on the classic tale of the death of Baldur, it could’ve been a great intro into the original tales had it not been so poorly altered or badly drawn.

The Magdalena #5 (Top Cow)
Andy: So awesome. Can’t wait to see the big throw down with Satan.
Infinite Speech: When your dad is Satan you pretty much talk crap to anyone you feel like, I see!

Marineman #3 (Image)
Andy: This is a great series. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Ian Churchill is putting his heart and soul into Marineman, and it shows.

Marvel Girl #1 (Marvel)
Andy: It was ok. I was hoping for more since it was written by Fialkov, but what can you really do with an origin story featuring a character whose origin is already fleshed out?
NickZ: As much as I love a Jean Grey story, I don’t think this one was necessary.

Memoir #2 (Image)
Andy: It’s creepy. And the art only adds to it.

Night of the Living Dead #3 (Avatar)
Aron: Buncha damn naked hippies.

Outsiders #36 (DC)
NickZ: Outsiders is a better team book than Justice League. ’nuff said.

Proof: Endangered #3 (Image)
Andy: I love this book. Rossmo’s art style is the right fit for the world Grecian has created. If you want an indie to read, feel good about this one.
Aron: CRYPTOID: Everyone should be reading Proof: Endangered.

S.H.I.E.L.D #6 (Marvel)
Dale: The final showdown between Isaac Newton and Leonardi da Vinci’s factions brings a surprising new mentor for Leonid in the close of the first mini series. Great series lookin forward to the one shot coming up.

Silver Surfer #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Greg Pak is set to bring Silver Surfer back down to Earth, and I’m all for it.
Aron: This is the refreshing Scope that has washed the horrid taste of “In Thy Name” out of my mouth!

Soldier Zero #5 (BOOM!)
Andy: Abnett and Lanning may have provided the shot in the arm this series needed.

Spider-Girl #4 (Marvel)
Andy: Tobin’s choice to tie up loose ends from Grim Hunt is a good one, and well timed.

The Suicide Forest #3 (Image)
Aron: The Suicide Forest becomes The Murderous Forest. The deaths are simple and gore free. Creepy art. No cheese. Horror. Amazing.

Supergirl #61 (DC)
Andy: James Peaty is onto something here. Any DC fan can dig this issue. Read it.
NickZ: I’ve said it before but Robin and Supergirl need to have an ongoing book together.
Aron: Isn’t Blue Beetle dead? And where did Nick Spencer go?

Superman/Batman #81 (DC)
NickZ: WOW! This book keeps getting more and more awesome! If you like Supes and Bats, you really should be reading this book.
Aron: I think I said it best when I said, “What the hell is going on here?”

Thunderbolts #153 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: This is another series that is getting slept on BIG TIME, and it’s been one of the best, consistently, for the past couple of years!
Aron: Well…I liked the ending. Big Man-Thing fan. But not a fan of Man-Thing being on a team.

Transformers: Infestation #2 (IDW)
Aron: Dumb. Bad idea.

Uncanny X-Force #5 (Marvel)
Andy: Rick Remender continues to shock and awe. Esad Ribic’s pencil work is the right choice to replace Opena, too. Oh, and I think Fantomex is becoming one of my favorite X-Men.
Jeff: Remender will do well if he simplifies the complexity that is the World, Weapon Plus, and the Deathlok stuff.
NickZ: This issue was not as great as the last 4, but it was still pretty good. What was up with Deadpool though? Really?
Infinite Speech: Hey Marvel how about a bio page for those that don’t know who Fantomex is! The idea is to attract NEW READERS and KEEP THEM!

Vampirella #3 (Dynamite)
Dale: Vampy’s latest incarnation is a hit. Surprisingly incorporating all the contradictory previous series’ while taking it in a new direction at the same time.

Wheel of Time Eye of the World #8 (Dynamite)
Dale: Really loving this book; it’s a nice change from most of what is currently being published. A true fantasy quest story, complete with cryptic mystics, young people with hidden destinies and of course an all powerful tyrant sorcerer.

Wolverine #6 (Marvel)
Andy: Demonically possessed Wolverine vs. Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor, and Magneto. Who do you think wins?
Jeff: Cyclops has the perfect plan to put Wolverine down. I doubt he’ll use it, but we’ll see.
NickZ: Cyclops was a bit of a jerk in this one and I think he is taking things a bit too far.

Wolverine And Jubilee #2 (Marvel)
Yep, this is my favorite X-book right now. Kathryn Immonen has never written a better X-series, and Phil Noto’s expressive art adds much to the story. +1 Jubilee
NickZ: I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed Wolvie and Jubilee together.

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  1. @Speech- I made the same comment on your Uncanny X-Force #5 review (, but I’ll make it again here:

    I don’t think it’s fair to blast Remender, or Marvel editorial, for not providing more background on Fantomex. It’s not their fault if you haven’t read Morrison’s NEW X-MEN run…you know, one of the most important X-storylines in the new millennium. Not only did it kill off Jean, that series also introduced secondary mutations, Emma Frost joining the X-Men (and getting together with Scott), and yes, Fantomex. Anyone who has read New X-Men could follow this issue just fine and without a hitch.

    To boot- New X-Men should be read (by now) by anyone who calls themselves an X-fan. To that end, this issue was brilliant. I love how Remender got us inside Fantomex’s head after how #4 ended. And his mother dying, well, karma’s a bitch and I think Fantomex understands this.

    This issue rocked. Don’t hate.

    : )

  2. See, I AM a fan of Fantomex, Morrison’s run, etc. and didn’t like this issue all that much. I didn’t like Jason Aaron’s Deathlok story in Weapon X, and since this is the continuation of that, that’s why I felt it was a weak issue. But on the other hand, I have big love for Rick Remender, and know that he has a way of making things turn out awesome, so while #5 wasn’t my favorite, I’m going to reserve my opinion for the story until it’s done.

  3. @Andy I hated Morrison’s NEW X-Men run and not only because he killed Jean Grey again! (how original)

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