October 13, 2009

X-Men Power Rankings #50-#47

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Written by: Andy
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Hey there Comic Attackers! If you’re like me you can never get enough X-Men. Yet, there are so many mutants out there that they’ve become incredibly hard to keep track of, let alone stay up to date on what their current power levels are. That’s why I have taken up the task to power rank all of the active X-Men post Messiah Complex from the very least to the top beast! There are 75 mutants in all to rank and today we touch on some old favorites as we commence the top 50…

So what are power rankings? Mostly used to rank sports teams on how well they are playing now, my power rankings are a list of X-Men based on what their power set is in current continuity (or most recent appearance). Other factors that determined a character’s ranking are: what their power potential is, what they’ve already proven they can do (so long as it is still relevant in current continuity), and their over all level of badassness. If you disagree with me that’s totally cool- please feel free to call me out and explain what your reasoning is. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, and while I believe this list to be very solid in it’s numbering, I’m interested to hear what you have to say! Lets kick off the top 50!

forge#50. Forge: One of my favorite characters, after the events of Messiah Complex Forge was attacked by Bishop who stole one of his cybernetic arms. Bishop got the drop on him, easily taking him out. Forge hasn’t been the most sane person to date, and it was recently revealed in Astonishing X-Men that he’s looking for a solution to M-Day: creating his own breed of mutants who resemble lizard guys who ate too much of the week old meat at Taco Bell. He’s currently living in a giant floating ship around Wundagore Mountain, and his status as a friend or foe is up in the air…

Powers: Forge is an Intuitive Genius, meaning he can visually perceive mechanical energy (the kinetic energy and potential energy present in the components of mechanical systems) in action, allowing him to invent virtually anything given the time and parts to do so. He can understand the functional operations of any machine or technological device within his visual range. As a result, many of the logical steps required in developing a piece of machinery are worked out in his subconscious mind, so that at times even he may not be entirely aware of how he built something. Due to his Native American heritage, Forge has tampered with sorcery and has developed several magical spells, including a ‘spirit-sight’ which allows him to open portals to other dimensions, and the ability to steal others’ souls to enhance his sorcery. He is also an accomplished pilot, and his cybernetic leg was created to replace the limb lost during his time serving in the Vietnam War.

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #184, 1984.

dazzlerimage#49. Dazzler: Recently Alison Blaire divorced her husband Longshot after he lost his memory because, understandably, their relationship just wasn’t the same. Aside from being included in random background shots of Uncanny X-Men, Dazzler was most recently featured in X-Men Manifest Destiny. At that time she was doubting her role in life as her music career was spiraling downward and her time spent as a super hero was severely lacking. However, while on a flight to join the X-Men in San Francisco, she repelled an attack from a mutant hating man, protecting not only herself but everyone on the plane as well. While the battle was far from monumental, it was enough for Dazzler to realize that she isn’t washed up yet, and that the X-Men (and the top 20 music charts) still have a spot for her.

Powers: Dazzler possesses the ability of Sound Conversion which allows her to transduce sonic vibrations that reach her body as various types of light. She can then release the absorbed sound in one burst. Dazzler can also Project Light by controlling the energy levels of the outer electron shells of her body that allows for the cascading release of photons.  The released energy is far greater than the incoming kinetic energy and if left undirected will be ejaculated (sorry, couldn’t resist) in all different directions, producing regular flashes of white light. Offensively, Alison has learned to manifest the light as a laser than can cut through virtually anything, and high powered photon blasts. On a more cosmetic scale she can use her powers to generate strobes, holograms, and bursts of color and light creating a ‘dazzle’ effect. She can also use her ability to generate a rocket-like effect, allowing Alison to gain vertical altitude by creating a column of light beneath her. In addition Dazzler can generate a light shield that destroys incoming particles, has light and sound immunity, and is currently afflicted with a resurrection factor that prevents her from being killed by conventional methods. The potential destructiveness of Alison’s powers and her resurrection factor earned her this high a ranking.

First Appearance: X-Men #130, 1980.

rickslide#48. Rockslide: One of the more outspoken members of the younger generation of X-Men, Santo Vaccarro has also been one of the most active young mutants since Messiah Complex. During MC he stood tall against the mutant eating beast, Predator X, literally holding it back as his teammates fled to safety. Santo was a key player in the Young X-Men series, and in X-Infernus he proved his worth in Limbo as he is immune to magic there and became engulfed in flame, enhancing his strength. I really wanted to rank him higher, but he didn’t do much in Utopia and in almost every other battle he’s recently been in he always gets rocked. Santo needs to learn how to kick some ass while staying in one piece.

Powers: Rockslide is a Geokinetic Psychic Entity, meaning that he is a stone golem who can explode on command and reform himself from any surrounding rock. His body is composed of inorganic granite which is able to be pieced back together when destroyed. He can lift up to 25 tons, has enhanced stamina, and is extremely durable.

First Appearance: New Mutants (vol. 2) #7, 2004.

wolfsbane#47. Wolfsbane: To put it mildly, the strictly religious Protestant, Rahne Sinclair, has become a savage psycho beast since joining X-Force. She was recently captured by the fanatical mutant hating group, the Purifiers, and went through a brief period of being mentally controlled by them. The religious fanatics conditioned Rahne to go into a blind rage whenever she saw teammate Warren Worthington (Angel) and this led to her eventually ripping off his feather wings. Eventually they grew back and Warren changed into the Archangel, but since then Rahne has had no qualms about slitting throats and hacking bodies. In X-Force #19 she and her lover, Hrimhari (the Wolf Prince from Asgard), make short work of a handful of Frost Giants. The wolf duo slits the Giants’ throats and gouges their eyes until they all lie dead. It’s a vicious assault by Rahne, and if she was more skillful and had some sort of invulnerability (like a healing factor) to go along with her savagery, she’d easily rank much higher on our list.

Powers: Rahne has the ability of Lycanthrophy which in short means to change into a wolf or wolf-human at willRahne isn’t a werewolf as the limitations of that creature of the night (like a full moon or silver laced items) do not apply to her. In wolf form she retains full memory of herself, has heightened animal senses, and enhanced strength, size, speed, and reflexes. Plus she can perceive infra red, heat, pheromones, and emotions. However there are drawbacks to her wolf form which include a dulling of her intelligence and being prone to more wild behavior, which often overrides her moral consciousness. When in her animal wolf form, Wolfsbane can only communicate via barks and howls.

First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #4, 1982.

Have we gotten to your favorite mutant yet? Stay tuned!

Andy Liegl



  1. InfiniteSpeech

    Poor Rahne…marvel has put her through a lot in the firs few issues of X Force and it seems like she can’t catch a break at all! That scene where she attacked angel was just vicious!!

  2. billy

    I really like Rahne. I wish they would do something more profound with her. Maybe a Werewolf by Night tie-in. Now that would be cool. I’m not a big fan of anybody else on this list though.

  3. Rahne recently kicked some serious Frost Giant arse!! It seems like she’s steering clear of the X-Men for now, which is weird…

    And Billy- you don’t like the other characters!? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?!??

  4. i like Forge but i feel he hasn’t been written consistently since that Storm/Adversary era. right now, his skills has been replaced by Box/Dr. Nemesis, but i’d still like him to come back to the X-Men (if someone can write him out of that crazy sci-fi goulash that Warren Ellis wrote him into).

    the loss of Hrimhari is another blow to Rahne, but new baby could soften that.

  5. I also like Forge. I guess I’m one of the few who actually enjoyed Warren Ellis’ take on him. It made sense to me; Forge is one of the most capable technician/craftsman alive so his trying to solve the problems of M Day seemed plausible.

    The fact that it twisted his mind was a great take on him. After all, he’s essentially a scientist and scientists experiment and can get carried away. He secluded himself from everyone so he could work, which makes sense, and then due to this unchecked isolation he got carried away with his work. I eagerly await his next appearance!

    As for Rahne, indeed. I just picked up Claremont’s original Asgardian story in HC!

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