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January 28, 2011

Dark Horse Reviews: Darth Vader and the Lost Command #1

Darth Vader and the Lost Command #1
Dark Horse
Writer: Haden Blackman
Artist: Rick Leonardi
Cover: Tsuneo Sanda

“Lost Command pt 1”: When we showed you guys the preview for this issue a few weeks ago, it didn’t prepare me for how good the entire issue was actually going to be. There’s always a high expectation when a series is going to focus on the baddest Sith ever to choke a guy from across a Star Destroyer. He’s an iconic figure and anything less of great would be a slap in the face. Kind of like finding out he was a whiny little punk before becoming the Sith we all know and love.

Lost Command takes place in that nineteen year gap between episodes III and IV, and opens up with a quick dream sequence, then Leonardi hits us with some pretty powerful imagery. Vader is going through some routine maintenance and the process is a pretty painful one. Soon after, he’s summoned by the Emperor and given his next mission, which is to locate and rescue Moff  Tarkin’s son. Tarkin is quick to point out Vader’s failure on Otavon XII, and sends someone along that will adhere to the mission if Vader strays. It’s evident that Tarkin is not a fan of Vader’s and he doesn’t hide this in front of the Emperor. So now it’s off to the Ghost Nebula to rescue the son of a guy who has little to no respect for him while he’s fighting his own demons inside.

The first few pages are probably my favorite part of the issue as Blackman and Leonardi firmly establish Vader’s internal struggle. He’s in his transition of coming over to the Dark Side and he’s still very much in love with Padme, and her recent death still haunts him. Especially since it was at his hands that she died, and then showing him being fitted with the artificial limbs and the pain involved was just great. Blackman also keeps the essence of Vader as he is a man of few words, but when he does choose to speak it’s usually a command or two, though it is a lot cooler when he lets his lightsaber speak for him.

If you’ve seen the preview pages, then you already know that Leonardi is bringing his artistic “A” game to this series. If you have yet to see the preview, then I suggest taking a look and then picking up the book to see what we couldn’t show you. It’s definitely worth it if you ask me. I will say that things do seem to be moving a little too smoothly for Vader and his troops, so I’m expecting them to hit some kind of snag real soon. Maybe it will come in the form of the characters introduced at the end of this issue.

Till next time!

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  1. Billy


  2. I thought this issue was solid, too. Really looking forward to seeing how Blackman takes us further in Vader’s mind and what he’s going through here.

  3. Andrew Hudson

    Glad to hear that DVatLC is more about the story; than it is about adding as many “cool” new elements that they possibly can into the Star Wars universe. I’ll definitely make sure to pick it up when I swing by Collector’s Paradise.

  4. Eli

    I enjoyed this issue, and I’ll probably be picking it up going forward. Pretty neat getting a look a Vader.

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