January 20, 2011

Marvel Reviews: Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #514

Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #514
Writer: David Liss
Artist: Francesco Francavilla
Cover: Simone Bianchi

“Urban Jungle pt 2”: Vlad isn’t wasting any time in trying to get rid of T’Challa before he becomes a larger threat to his criminal activities. He sets a trap for the new protector of Hell’s Kitchen that ends up being far more effective than the laughable attempt made by his son. T’Challa is also offered help from a longtime friend as he receives a visit from Luke Cage. However, the meeting doesn’t go all that well as these two prideful and strong willed men end up pissing each other off. Luke does make one thing clear to T’Challa, and that’s if things aren’t cleaned up soon he’ll bring his team in to do it. Possible fight later on down the line? Let’s hope so!

Liss is writing a very good story here and I’m liking the various sides of T’Challa being shown throughout the story. Usually he’s seen as a bit of a stoic individual and a tireless warrior, and it’s easy to forget that he’s more. Liss is helping to solidify the character of the man behind the mask, which I’m hoping will reinforce the Black Panther persona. Vlad is also coming along as a great villain, and I’m wondering if we’ll ever get more info on his back story from Liss in the near future.

The artwork from Francavilla continues to set the mood of the story, keeping it dark and gritty. I guess if I had a gripe it would be the use of all of the warm colors throughout the pages. Seeing all of the various reds and oranges, I’m half expecting Daredevil to pop out at any moment, and I’m thinking that if this title is to stand on its own it needs to stray as far from DD as possible. I know the story takes place in DD’s old stomping grounds and only the character name has been changed in the title, but more of a visual detachment from the past character will help Black Panther stand on its own, in my opinion. This may happen later on since I’m not privy to the thoughts and plans of Francavilla and Liss, but it’s just something this fan would like to see happen as the story progresses. You also can’t go wrong with these covers by Simone Bianchi! Each one has been a feast for the eyes and gives you a taste of what you will see inside of the pages, which is what a good cover should do; give you a hint of the story.

This issue was another step in the right direction and actually sets up a couple more obstacles for T’Challa to face later on down the line. Hopefully Liss expands on the other party that’s looking for T’Challa, as was discussed during the Luke Cage meeting, and I’m pretty sure that his secret identity has already been blown by the looks of the last page. If you were unsure about the series because DD was leaving, then you’ll be hard pressed to find a better replacement than Black Panther guided by the hands of Liss and Francavilla.

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  2. Billy

    It sounds like this is turning out quite well. I was worried it wouldn’t pan out but hopefully it continues to do good. I also would like to see a Panther/ Cage fight!

  3. I think they’ve mixed it up before Billy I just can’t remember when. I do think this series is off to a good start and the team has the tools to maintain a quality book for the fans.

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