February 1, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 1/26/11

Action Comics #897 (DC)
NickZ: The Joker/Lex Luthor dynamic is always fun, but this time it was brilliant!

Age of X Alpha #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Loved it! Can’t wait to see how all this goes down.
Infinite Speech: How many more dismal mutant future/alternate reality story lines are we gonna get? Hopefully things start picking up as the series developes.
Jeff: I can’t believe how underwhelmed I am by this storyline.
NickZ: Wow this actually was REALLY AWESOME! I can’t wait to see more of this “Age of X” story.

American Vampire #11 (Vertigo)
Andy: Scott Snyder is spinning the best vampire themed story in comics right now. Its layered plot and strong protagonists make it a must read.
Aron: Pearl unleashed! Wicked. Nasty. Sexy.

Artifacts #5 (Top Cow)
Portacio’s work looks way better here than on Uncanny X-Men. With the incorporation of Cyberforce, things are about to get nasty!
Infinite Speech:
Cyberforce is about to lay a beatdown on someone! Thank’s Marz and Portacio for finally putting them in the series!

Astonishing Thor #2 (Marvel)
Andy: I like it. The art is, well, astonishing, and I’m a fan of the obscure characters being used.

Avengers #9 (Marvel)
Andy: That was a great scene with Iron Man and Cap. I’m into this ‘Infinity Gems’ storyline.

The Boys: Highland Laddie #6 (Dynamite)
Andy: Here’s to hoping Annie and Hughie can make it work…

Captain American #614 (Marvel)
Andy: What a cool story Brubaker is telling here. Bucky’s past had to catch up to him at some point, and this is the most interesting trial I’ve read since Inherit the Wind in 8th grade.
Aron: This new Red Skull is sick. I think I like her.

Chaos War #5 (Marvel)
Andy: Um, to quote Guardian, ‘…what just happened?’

Chaos War: X-Men #2 (Marvel)
Andy: Way better than anything else Claremont has written lately, but where the hell were Jean and Kurt?
NickZ: I feel this series was kinda pointless.

Conan: Road of Kings #2 (Dark Horse)

Aron: Well, I’ve given it two tries. Not really my thing. I like Olivia, though.

Darkness #89 (Top Cow)
Infinite Speech:
Great old west tale of one of Jackie’s Darkness wielding ancestors and we need a LOT more Mat Timson doing creepy Darkness tales!!

Deadpool #32 (Marvel)
Andy: Deadpool… IN SPACE!
Aron: Jumped back on with this one-and-done. Probably could have done without.
NickZ: I hope they don’t ruin the best ongoing Deadpool book with this Deadpool in space junk.

Deadpool Corps #10 (Marvel)
NickZ: The worst Deadpool book. I think I am done with it.

Detective Comics #873 (DC)

Aron: Nice wrap up. I want more!
NickZ: Not the best ending considering how good the other issues were. It seems being Batman is starting to take it’s toll on Grayson.

Dracula: The Company of Monsters #6 (BOOM! Studios)
Aron: The action is starting to pick up slightly. On a slow simmer, maybe. It needs to boil.

Echoes #2 (Top Cow/Minotaur Press)
Andy: Wow. Just…wow. Amazing. A total mind f**k.

Fables #101 (Vertigo)
Andy: Hunh. Definitely didn’t see the story headed this way. A little too reminiscent of what’s going on in Jack of Fables, and not what I was hoping for following such an awesome #100.

Fantastic Four #587 (Marvel)

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #162 (IDW)
Andy: What the heck is going on with this series? Feels like it’s just being phoned in.
Infinite Speech: Baroness and Lady Jaye throw down and the Dreadnoks show up. Other than that the issue really just…fizzled.

Green Arrow #8 (DC)
Andy: Things are moving along nicely here and I like the addition of Etrigan…him talking in rhyme though can get annoying.

Guarding The Globe #3 (Image)
NickZ: This is the funnest superhero team book out there. You totally should be reading it!

The Incredible Hulks #621 (Marvel)

Andy: Ok, Greg Pak, it’s official: I’m a fan of your Hulk run!
Aron: I’m not really big on mythology, so I wasn’t really big on this issue.

Infestation #1 (IDW)
Andy: Ummm…ooooook. Not really my thing, but I’m hanging on because Abnett and Lanning are involved, and I’m interested to see how zombies tie in with the other four books.
Aron: Didn’t like it. I’m more interested in seeing the other properties get infested.
Decapitated Dan: That was… Disapponting, but I didn’t expect much going in.
Infinite Speech: Okay IDW you got my attention now it’s time to capitalize! I really liked what I saw so far.

JLA The 99 #4 (DC)
NickZ: Batman wearing the Psycho-Pirate mask in order to fight tiny Starros. Need I say more?

Justice League Generation Lost #18 (DC)
NickZ: You can feel that this book is stating to reach the finish line, but you don’t want it to end!

Magneto #1 (Marvel)

Andy: Only pick it up if you’re an X-Completist or a Howard Chaykin fan. Otherwise, you’re better off picking up Uncanny X-Force or Age of X Alpha.
NickZ: I think I have lost any respect that I had for Mags. At least the next one is about Jean Grey!!

Namor The First Mutant #6 (Marvel)

Olivetti’s back on the book, so I’m happy, but enough with Dr. Doom already!
NickZ: The whole kings of Atlantis thing is really boring but I’m sure Dr. Doom’s presence will spice things up a bit.

The New Avengers #8 (Marvel)

Andy: This is becoming my top Avengers book. Bendis is just nailing the dialogue in this one.
Infinite Speech: Great story by Bendis but I want to know why Acuna drew Cage squinting in most of the book. Still my fav Avengers book any day of the week!

New Mutants #21 (Marvel)
Andy: …so The Rise of the New Mutants only lasts 2 issues? Things felt really rushed and not so great.
Jeff: So…Legion just defeated a slew of Elder Gods? That’s it?
NickZ: A great ending to a great story. I’m willing to bet Legion and Illyana are responsible for the “Age of X”

The New York Five #1 (Vertigo)
Aron: I found this to be very interesting. I like reality comics. The art is gorgeous. Makes me wanna read The New York Four.
Decapitated Dan: Brian Wood you can do reality comics better than, well, anyone. Great to see you and RK together again.

Proof Endangered #2 (Image)
Andy: I wish more people would be giving this one a shot. If you like the X-Files, you’ll love Proof.

Punisher: In The Blood #3 (Marvel)
Andy: It’s not bad, but its a little too wordy and I’m starting to lose interest…

Scalped #45 (Vertigo)
Andy: Jason Aaron is master of character development.

Secret Avengers #9 (Marvel)
Andy: Mike Deodato nails the fight scenes in this one, as Brubaker finally hits his stride with this series. If you bailed on it earlier, now’s a good time to come back.

Shazam! #1 (DC)
Andy: Not knowing much about these characters, this issue was decent and told me everything I needed to know going forward…which I just may do.

The Sixth Gun #8 (Oni Press)
Andy: I love this world that Bunn and Hurtt have created. One of the best indie books on the shelves.

Skullkickers #5 (Image)
Aron: Shorty & Baldy do violence and save the day. And I laughed. If you can’t laugh at this, you’re a snob. Go away.
Decapitated Dan: More action and comedy per square inch than any other comic on the shelves!

Spawn #201 (Image)
That was impressive. Easily the best issue of the Jim Downing era. If #200 put you off, don’t bail just yet.
Infinite Speech: This ain’t your 90’s Spawn! McFarlane has a new direction for the new Spawn and Kudranski’s art fits the story like a glove!

Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command #1 (Dark Horse)

Andy: A very promising first issue. Strong art compliments a story that will hopefully delve deeper into the mind of rookie Vader.
Aron: Pretty cool. Art was so-so. But you gotta love a new Vader story, or you fail as a geek.
Infinite Speech: Only thing that could have made the issue better would be if Jar Jar fell on Vader’s lightsaber!

Star Wars: Legacy War #2 (Dark Horse)
Andy: Woah- a whole lot went down in this issue…I may have to re-read all 10 volumes of this series to make sure I caught it all.
Infinite Speech: 140 Characters isn’t enough to tell you how great this issue is! Really, it isn’t!

Teen Titans #91 (DC)
Andy: Make no doubt about it, J.T. Krul has saved the Teen Titans. I want more Damian/Ravager team ups!

Thunderbolts #152 (Marvel)
Andy: Jeff Parker’s run on this book just keeps getting better and better! Both he and Kev Walker show us just how cool a comic book can be when the creators understand their characters’ powers.

Twilight Guardian #1 (Top Cow)
Andy: This was a Pilot Season winner? Really? It was much too wordy, focusing on an uninteresting character. I dunno, maybe I missed something.

Ultimate Comic Avengers 3 #6 (Marvel)
Andy: At first I wasn’t into this series, but it really redeemed itself these last two issues. Great battle scenes too!

Ultimate Comics Doom #2 (Marvel)
Andy: It’s good so far, but I need a damn good reason why Reed suddenly went all crazy.
Decapitated Dan: Will anything ever go right in this story line I feel bad for all of them. And where is Iceman?

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #152 (Marvel)
Andy: 152 issues in and it’s still the best Ultimate title on the shelves.
Decapitated Dan: Not going where I predicted just yet, but it is getting there. Still solid.

Uncanny X-Force #4 (Marvel)
Andy: Absolutely f**king amazing. Jerome Opena’s art may be the best on the shelves right now. The word “Uncanny” truly belongs in the title of this book.
Aron: Best issue of the series so far. I keep telling y’all that Fantomex is the best thing Grant Morrison has given us!
Decapitated Dan: I figure Deadpool did it. Do I need to now learn more on The other guy in white?
Infinite Speech: The BEST X Book out right now hands down and I hope this level of cool is kept up. Oh, and that was one long, quiet ride back to Earth!
Jeff: This could very well be the best X-Men book in the last 10 years. I can’t believe what Fantomex did!
NickZ: Holy Shitballs!! This series just gets better and better!

Uncanny X-Men #532 (Marvel)
Andy: The word “Uncanny” truly doesn’t belong in the title of this book. Still, it was better than usual.
Jeff: I am so freakin’ sick of those little introductory boxes next to every character. We know who everyone is, Fraction, so save your unfunny quips.
NickZ: This issue actually showed some improvement from the past few. I hope this is a good sign.

X-23 #5 (Marvel)
Gambit is a perfect fit in this book, and Will Conrad and David Lopez are KILLING the art!!
NickZ: Things are getting down right Sinister!

X-Men #7 (Marvel)

Andy: This may be the first time I wasn’t confused by Bachalo’s art. Great stuff and should be read by all X-fans.
Jeff: Now this is what an X-Men flagship title should be like! Take a hint, Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen!
NickZ: I loved the group dynamic in the sewer and Storm taking on a leadership role again.

X-Men Forever 2 #16 (Marvel)
Andy: It’s done. Finally. Put an axe in it and call it a day.

X-Men: To Serve & Protect #3 (Marvel)
Andy: Meh. It’s just ok. Actually, maybe a little less than ok.
Jeff: Anthology books like these should deal solely with dangling plot lines like “What happened to Blink?” and “Why doesn’t Kitty go see Reed Richards to get fixed?”
NickZ: “X-Dudes!’ was again the best part of this book. The Blink and Shadowcat stories weren’t bad though and they had a lot of heart.

Zatanna #9 (DC)
Andy: Is this book about a puppet or Zatanna? This series needs to get focused.

Billy: Chirp

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  1. Am I the only one who LIKED Infestation and DIDN’T like Age of X? lol And if Legion is the cause of it all then I’m REALLY gonna roll my eyes because it’s Age of Apocalypse all over again and if that’s the case the series is already starting behind the eight ball with me.

    And Jeff you are sooooo right about those damn little boxes in every freakin’ issue! Those things are great if it’s an all new direction or jumping on spot but EVERY ISSUE Fraction?! C’mon lol

  2. Jeff Jackson

    I wasn’t a fan of Age of X either, ‘Speech.

    Thanks, Aron, for filling in for me!

  3. I think it’s cool we didn’t drink the Kool Aid Jeff! 🙂

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