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December 21, 2010

Dark Horse Reviews: Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #4

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Written by: Drew
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Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #4
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Jim Shooter
Artist: Roger Robinson

Once again: another solid issue for Dr. Solar, Man of the Atom!

This is it folks, the current Dr. Solar story-arc wraps up with issue #4 and the conclusion is great. Shooter has wrapped up this tale nicely, with an awesome slam bang showdown and a few smart plot twists. If you have been following the Man of the Atom for his past few issues, it’s a nice pay off, and if you haven’t, I recommend you pick up all the issues and check this great series out. In issue #4 we are provided with the final fight, with Dr. Solar duking it out against Surya and Moloch. The art by Robinson delivers this full-filling slugfest to the max, not a single punch missed. Shooter also continues to delight us with the comical side story of Leviathan and Glow, turning them from accidental creations into reluctant heroes. While the chips start to look down, Dr. Solar is able to continue to push on with thoughts consumed by Dr. Gail Sanders, giving us both a nice human side to our hero and a love story developing in our midst. While all this is going on, Shooter starts laying the groundwork for the next story arc by giving us a slim-ball looking character who seems to know a little too much about what may have happened in that reactor that changed Dr. Solar into what he is right now.

Dr. Solar, Man of the Atom continues to delight readers with issue #4 on stands now!

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Drew McCabe

A copy of this book was provided for review by the publisher.


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  1. Billy

    It sounds like Shooter really put the time in with this series. I’m glad, because I got the distinct impression that a good deal of people out there thought this would flop. 😀

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