December 28, 2010

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 12/22/10

Abattoir #1 (Radical)
Andy: Creepy as all hell.

American Vampire #10 (Vertigo)
Andy: Scott Snyder is creating a brilliantly fresh take on the Vampire genre! The story suspensfully progresses with each issue, and the character development is very well done.

Artifacts #4 (Top Cow)
Infinite Speech: Another death, more revelations, and Artifacts continues onto the path of greatness!

Azrael #15 (DC)
NickZ: Just as this book is getting good, I hear it has been cancelled!

Batman Annual #28 (DC)
NickZ: Three really good stories. This Nightrunner kid seems pretty cool and you can’t go wrong with the Question.
Infinite Speech: I expected very little from this but three solid stories proved me wrong and I’m reallly liking Nightrunner!

Batman Incorporated #2 (DC)
Andy: Grant Morrison is poised to completely revolutionize the Bat Family. I’m more than ready for it.
NickZ: This story was a bit weird for a Batman book but I like how they dealt with Lord Death Man.

Batman Streets of Gotham #18 (DC)
NickZ: I think the picture for the Trophy Room was a bit much. The Ragman second feature was pretty darn good.

Cyclops #1 (Archaia)
Andy: Such a cool idea- and it doesn’t feature a dude in blue spandex who shoots optic beams. It’s set in the “real” world and really makes you wonder about where our society may be headed…

DC Universe Legacies #8 (DC)
NickZ: This series isn’t over yet? ….zzz…zzz

Deadpool #30 (Marvel)
Andy: This issue was ok, not as good as the last few. Feels a little late with the whole Vampires thing ending in X-Men this week.
NickZ: Deadpool vs. Draculas….err…Vampires. Too funny!

Deadpool Pulp #4 (Marvel)
Andy: This series succeeded where the Marvel Noir line is continuing to fail.

Fantastic Four #586 (Marvel)
If you’ve never been a F4 fan, pick up every issue in this story arc. You will be hooked. Don’t blame me, blame Hickman.

Green Lantern: Larfleeze Christmas Special #1 (DC)
Andy: A fun Holiday story. I like how it seems Larfleeze is slowly becoming more and more of a good guy.

Incognito: Bad Influences #2 (Icon)
Easily my favorite Brubaker work. Pulp noir at its finest.

Incredible Hulks #619 (Marvel)
Andy: Greg Pak has delivered the best Chaos-War tie-in story. Heck, he may just be delivering one of the best Hulk runs in a long, long time.

Invincible #76 (Skybound)
Decapitated Dan: I’m still loving the action but I’m starting to get a Dragonball Z feel from this title. 🙁
NickZ: Holy Crap! This book has the best beat downs I’ve ever seen in a comic! Ottley is THE MAN when it comes to no holds bared blood, guts and violence!

The Invincible Iron Man #33 (Marvel)
Andy: Fraction is rocking this book so hard right now, it makes me sad he couldn’t finish out his Uncanny X-Men run the same way.

Justice League of America #52 (DC)
NickZ: With the characters and plot going on in this book, it should be better than it is.

Justice League Generation Lost #16 (DC)
NickZ: With out a doubt, this is THE Justice League book to be reading!

Klaws of the Panther #4 (Marvel)
Andy: In a day where anything Black Panther is a tough sell, Maberry has done a nice job making Shuri interesting. I hope his run continues.

Morning Glories #5 (Image)
: You know how Lost was mysterious and had engaging characters. This is just mysterious.

Namor the First Mutant #5 (Marvel)
Andy: Stuart Moore has the opportunity here to really write something with substance using Loa and Namor. Ariel Olivetti certainly helps with his art.
NickZ: This is the first issue of this book that I actually liked. Maybe it was the underwater vamps, and not Namor that was the problem.

Nemesis #4 (Icon)
Andy: A villainous good time! Just when you thought Nemesis was finished…it isn’t!

Outsiders #35 (DC)
NickZ: Another great team book from DC with lots of action, adventure, and heart. More people should read it.

Punisher: In The Blood #2 (Marvel)
: In the aftermath of FrankenCastle, it’s nice to see Frank return to the man we all know and love to watch destroy.

Secret Avengers #8 (Marvel)
: This is the story arc the series should have kicked off with. Deodato’s battle sequences are killer!

The Sixth Gun #7 (Oni Press)
Andy: Hot damn this series is great! A must read for anyone who’s a fan of Westerns and things with a supernatural twist!

Stan Lee’s The Traveler #2 (BOOM!)
Andy: It’s ok, and I’ll stick with it, but I like Soldier Zero and Starborn better though.

Star Wars Invasion: Rescues #6 (Dark Horse)
Andy: This series pulled off what Rebellion couldn’t; introduce a cool new character in a time period where the OT cast would normally pull focus. The Force is strong in this one!

Stuff of Legend: The Jungle #3 (Th3rd World Studios)
Andy: This series is fantastic! Read it to your kids at night and sit back and enjoy.
Infinite Speech: If you’re complaining that there’s nothing good in comics anymore it’s obvious you’re not reading The Stuff of Legend!

Superior #3 (Icon)
Andy: I like that a Millar book can be enjoyable without gratuitous violence…although, I have a feeling that’s all about to change.

Teen Titans: Coldcase #1 (DC)
Andy: One of the best Teen Titans one-shot stories in a long time. A must read for fans of Tim Drake and Ravager!

Ultimate Comics Doom #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Wow, that was intense! If you’ve been waiting to check out the new Ultimate Universe revamp (what have you been waiting for!?), just pick up this issue.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #151 (Marvel)
: This book continues to be the best Ultimate comic book on the shelf. Bendis is doing great stuff with these characters, and Sara Pichelli’s art rocks!

Uncanny X-Men #531 (Marvel)
Andy: I wish we could focus more on the Emma Frost/Sebastian Shaw storyline and less on everything else.
Jeff: 95% of the people in the book are grinning unnaturally like idiots. Stupid Greg Land.
NickZ: This books still has too many stories and not enough substance. Boo Fraction…BOO!

Warlord of Mars #3 (Dynamite Entertainment)
Andy: This series is an inspiration to pick up the original novels by Edgar Ruce Burroughs. Although, someone needs to find John Carter some pants.

What If?: Dark Reign #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Again, an issue of What If? proves that what really happened was the best route.

X-Men #6 (Marvel)
Andy: Dracula bitch slaps Jubilee, Cyclops proves yet again that he’s the man to lead mutantkind, and Wolverine defends one of his own. A satisfactory conclusion.
Jeff: “Hey Blade, thanks for helping us defeat the army of vampires. Here’s an optic blast to the back’.” Cyclops is a jerk. But this issue rocks.
NickZ: An interesting end to the “Curse of The Mutants” story. I can’t wait to see what becomes of poor Jubilee.

X-Men Legacy #243 (Marvel)
One of the better Legacy issues in awhile. Cyke needs to back off his parent routine a bit, though.
: Cyclops, not only are you a jerk, but you’re a freakin’ HYPOCRITE! Dude jumps all over Hellion for taking out Karima, yet never mind the mutant death squad he had last year.
NickZ: I think Hellion is going to be a big problem for the X-Men in the future.

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  1. Billy

    Secret Avengers is the title I miss the most. 🙁

  2. Decapitated Dan

    Looks like one of mine got left out:

    The Cape #1 (IDW)
    Decapitated Dan: Holy Hell! That was unexpected awesomeness from none other than Joe Hill! Can I have more please?

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