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December 11, 2010

Gotta Have It! Figure Edition: Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft Action Figure

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Written by: Melissa
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The world’s hottest video game star is back in Tomb Raider: Legend and NECA has a highly detailed, articulated figure of the Legend herself: Lara Croft. Lara is loaded with accessories and detail.

Product Line: Tomb Raider Legend: Lara Croft
Company: NECA
Released: 2007
Blister Card Packaging
Where to Buy:
Any retail store with a toy department.
US $18.99
7 inches

Paint Job: The paint job on the always-so-sexy Lara Croft is plain and simple. There is some slight bleeding on her shirt and where a couple of the ends meet, but otherwise it looks fairly consistent. There’s nothing too spectacular about the coloring, but no one’s really paying attention to the color, now, are they? The details on the face are decent and do a good job of making her look “made up.”

Sculpt: Lara’s infamous figure is accurately portrayed in this sculpt. Though she looks a bit longer than normal, her trademark curves with athletic toning are all visible. It’s nice to see they didn’t overdo her normally over the top bodacious tatas. Her accessories are all carefully sculpted and really stand out as the strongest examples of sculpting. While her face is pretty, her lips are a bit too Angelina for me. She has a nice pout, yes, but not one that takes over her whole face.

Durability: Because most of Lara’s accessories are permanently attached to the figure, the durability is pretty high. The sum of her parts are not easily poseable, therefore making any break a permanent one, but they still remain very sturdy.

Poseability: It’s a shame that such a nice looking figure lacks in the poseability arena. Notorious for her mind-bending flexibility and bouncy ways, you would assume that an action figure would also sport those same qualities. However, no such luck here. You can move her arms up and down and turn her feet out, but that’s about it.  Goodbye, dreams of positioning Lara in a monkey-kicking stance.

Accessories: Lara comes with a generic stand, a couple of her signature hand guns, and a few permanent accessories attached to her body. Bam!

What’s Awesome: Lara’s bangin’ bod is sculpted for your viewing pleasure, as is the sultry yet badass attitude visible on her face. She looks delicate, yet fierce. A combination highly desired yet rarely successfully achieved within a figure.

What Sucks: The only lame thing about this figure is the lack of notable poseability and…those lips. Come on, how can you even look anywhere else with those massive puckers dominating the whole face?

Overall: I give this figure a 4/5. She looks fantastic and definitely recognizable as the infamous spelunker. The detailed accessories are a nice touch, as is the accuracy of her clothing. If we could position her into more fighting stances and reduce the size of her lips, she’d be nearly perfect!

Melissa Kay



  1. The lack of poseability just means they wanted her to stand there and look pretty. It’s a no brainer to have a character like that have plenty of articulation points but ah well..she’s still a decent looking figure. Though she does look like she’s missed a few meals.

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