November 9, 2010

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 11/03/2010

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Written by: DecapitatedDan
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Welcome to Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews! Here you can find out what we at thought of this past week’s new books in 140 characters or less! Make sure to come back each week to see what we have to say about the latest comics!

Adventure Comics #520 (DC)
NickZ: A great Legion story even if it is a bit sad.

The Amazing Spider-Man #647 (Marvel)
Andy: If this issue were any thicker, a mongoloid could mistake it for a phone book.
NickI: A skim-able issue. I recommend the “I Kill Giants” story. Also, the turn with Harry was pretty brutal.

Avengers Academy #6 (Marvel)
Andy: Interesting new characters, an ever growing plot, and solid art are the TM’s of this under appreciated series.

Batman and Robin #16 (DC)
Andy: WTF just happened? Seriously, more stuff went down in this issue than an episode of Teletubbies on mushrooms. Can’t wait to see what’s next.
Arnab: Grant Morrison’s run ends with a brilliant bang. The artistic styles of three different artists really enhance the overall experience.
NickI: Everything seems to wrap up…But typical Morrison, I get a feeling I’ll need to reread the entire run to fully understand it.
NickZ: Bruce is back but the Joker stole the show and I’m not sure how smart it was for Bruce to make his “announcement” to the general public.

Batman/Catwoman: Follow the Money (DC)
Andy: Oof. That was rough.
Arnab: The story was decent but the art was so bad it distracted from everything.

The Boys #48 (Dynamite)
Andy: Oh man, the show down is nigh!

Brightest Day #13 (DC)
Andy: Erm…expected a little more from the battle with Hath Set considering all the buildup. He went down pretty easily. Of course, Hawkgirl is a badass.
Arnab: The must read issue for Hawkman and Hawkgirl fans. The cliffhanger was fantastic. Gotham, here we come!
NickZ: Interesting spin on the Hawkman and Shiera origin story. I can’t wait to see what happens next with Batman.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #38 (Dark Horse)
NickZ: This is like Buffy on crack. So much good stuff, Joss is amazing!

Chaos War #3 (Marvel)
Andy: This event is great! Why aren’t more people reading it!? Zeus punches Galactus, and Thor and Amadeus Cho have the most hilarious panel I read all week!
NickI: Zeus vs. Galactus! Amadeus Cho co-riding the Silver Surfer’s board! If you’re not reading this book, well READ IT NOW!

DV8: Gods and Monsters #8 (Wildstorm)
Andy: Erm…ok. An acceptable ending, but not entirely satisfying.

Generation Hope #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Marvel, it looks like you have a solid teen X-book!
Arnab: Hope is a great leader for this new batch of unoriginal mutants. No, the fifth light is pretty original, what with him being a freak and all.
Jeff: Not a bad start. Without Portacio’s art, I think I’m going to be more interested in the Fight Lights.
NickI: A good start to the series, I really love the way Gillen writes these characters and their interactions. Features an anime tentacle monster.
NickZ: I can see a lot of Cable in Hope and I am really starting to like these “lights”.

Heavy Metal Magazine Fall 2010 (Heavy Metal)
Andy: So. Fuckin’. Awesome.

House of Mystery #31 (Vertigo)
Aron: A new arc. Stuff is explained. JUMP ON NOW! EXCELLENT series!
NickI: The book gets a little meta, here, as things are culminating into something big. “Remember, books are not food.”

Invincible #75 (Image)
Decapitated Dan: What an AWESOME way to end that! I saw the one thing coming though, too bad soo many pages were wasted on back up stories.
NickI: I stopped reading this because I found Kirkman’s dialogue tiresome. But WOW, this issue has the biggest battles and beat downs of the year.
NickZ: This is  what a war between Super powered beings should look like! It’s crazy, it’s bloody, it’s awesome!

Iron Man/Thor #1 (Marvel)
Andy: I’m not hooked yet, but when has the Abnett/Lanning 1-2 punch ever let us down?

iZombie #7 (Vertigo)
Aron: Getting interesting, again! The purple chick is HOT! But I wouldn’t kiss her. She has brain breath!
Jeff: Glad we’re back to the regular story after a couple of issues.

Mystery Society #4 (IDW)
Aron: I gotta get me one of those butt rockets!

Namor the First Mutant #3 (Marvel)
I repeat: I never cared about Namor until he joined the X-Men, I never liked him until this series.
NickZ: I really want to be interested in Namor and the underwater vamps, but it’s just not happening.

Punisher: In the Blood #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Picks up right where FrankenCastle left off. Now this is more like it!

Red Hood the Lost Days #6 (DC)
Andy: Over already!? Aw man. Jeremy Haun and Judd Winik need to create more Jason Todd stories!
Arnab: Great end to a really great mini-series. Who knew Talia got around as often as she does.
NickZ: That was kind of anti-climatic but it did set up everything for what came next.

Scarlet #3 (Icon)
Andy: A very ballsy series Mr. Bendis. Give us more!

Silent Hill: Past Life #1 (IDW)
Aron: The art is too artsy fartsy for me. Otherwise, it’s a Western horror. Good combo!

Strange Science Fantasy #5 (IDW)
Andy: It’s not a stretch to say this series has been awesome.
NickI: Plastic man meets Pulp Fiction. The strangest, most original book in the stands.

Strange Tales 2 #2 (Marvel)
In one of the stories by Jaime Hernandez, a shape-shifting alien infiltrates an all-Women of Marvel beach party. Excellent idea.

Superboy #1 (DC)
Andy: I liked it. A lot. If you did too, read Jeff Lemire’s Vertigo series, Sweet Tooth. It’s freakin’ trippy.
Arnab: Solid start to the new series. Conner is back home and things are looking exciting for his future.
Aron: This might be a good series. Still waiting to see. On board for #2, though.
NickI: Jeff Lemire writing in the DCU. With Death appearing in Action Comics, I can’t wait for the potential Sweet Tooth crossover.
NickZ: This was a good set up for Conner and his little cast of characters.

Sweet Tooth #15 (Vertigo)
Andy: When can we see Jepperd lay a beat down on the bad guys?
Aron: Another great issue! Y’all should be reading this series.

Warriors Three #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Bill Willingham of Fables writing Marvel fantasy is like the Abnett and Lanning team writing Marvel Cosmic. A right fit.

Wolverine #3 (Marvel)
Andy: Why is Kitty’s entire story taking place off panel!? Besides that, this series is great.
Jeff: I’m loving how Aaron is messing with all of Logan’s connections.
NickI: The Ghost Riders have no lines in this issue, they just stand around and look bad ass. That’s enough for me! And Guedes’ art is ridiculous.
NickZ: Damn that Logan, even in hell he is still a badass!

X-Men to Serve and Protect #1 (Marvel)
Andy: I liked it a lot! It’s cool to see some of the X-Men actually be superheroes.
Jeff: Not a bad anthology! Finally, Yost is writing Rockslide and Anole again!
NickZ: These were all some pretty silly stories. I liked “X-Dudes!” the best.

Young Allies #6 (Marvel)
Andy: Does this mean we could see an Iceman/Firestar team-up in the near future? Eh? Eh???
Jeff: Sorry to see this book go, but a fantastic final issue.
NickI: Sorry to see this series end. This could’ve been the next Runaways if given the chance. Wait, let’s have McKeever write Runaways!



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