November 1, 2010

Asylum Press/ Exclusive: EEEK! TPB Preview!

As the chilling lull of Halloween fades into memory, the spooks and dripping things of the night live on in the latest anthology book from Asylum Press, EEEK!, by Jason Paulos (W/A), Bodine Amerikah (W), and Daren White (W). Loyal to cult classics like EC Comics and House of Mystery, EEEK! has a very retro feel to it, containing over 15 storiesĀ printed in traditional black and white, saluting the tales of old while delivering fresh flesh perfect for any fan’sĀ horror collection! Check out our exclusive preview of EEEK! below:

Asylum never lets me down on the quality of art produced in their books; the old, spooky vibes rise from the pages, playing on your imagination, leaving behind an essence of uneasiness. Look for EEEK! in comic shops sometime this month!

For more on Asylum Press, visit their official website, and click here. For more horror comics, visit this link.

Andy Liegl


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  1. Billy

    That cover is phenomenal! The inside work reminds me of “Creepshow”!

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