October 25, 2010

Radical Publishing Previews: Abattoir #1

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Written by: Andy
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With Halloween coming this weekend, our friends over at Radical Publishing have gotten into the spirit of the season, releasing their latest horror mini-series this Wednesday, Abattoir! Set in cold, yet beautiful, Middle America in the 1980s, Abattoir is a supernatural tale that focuses on real estate agent and family man, Richard Ashwalt. Ashwalt is tasked with selling a gorgeous house after a brutal massacre took place inside. When a twisted old man journeys to the house for his own sinister purposes, Richard finds himself caught in something terrifying! Abattoir is written by Rob Levin & Troy Peteri, with art by Bing Cansino. Check out the preview:

You gotta hand it to Radical’s art department; all of their books look awesome!

“Abattoir” is synonymous for “slaughterhouse,” and essentially describes a facility where animals are processed for consumption as food products. It’s also the name of a crazy Batman villain who made his first appearance in 1991 in Detective Comics #625.

Be sure to check out Abattoir #1 (of 6), in comic shops this Wednesday! For more from Radical Publishing, click here. For more horror, visit this link.

Andy Liegl