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October 29, 2010

From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays: Hotstuff, Mickey Mouse and More!

Happy Halloween and welcome, you little ghosts and goblins, to this week’s edition of From Friendly Ghosts to Gamma Rays!!!!!!

First item of the week is the following:

I don’t really need to comment, it makes fun of itself….

Out On Stands: Mickey Mouse and Friends #301
Publisher: Boom Studios
Writer: Stefan Petrucha
Artist: Cesar Feriolo Pelaez

In the first story of the issue, picking up where milestone issue 300 left off, Mickey Mouse and his friend Eega Beeva try and stop an army of Mickey-clones that have accidentally been created by a duplication-ray. This is more then just a remix of the duplication error of Fantasia. What has happened here, as crazy as it may sound, is these Mickey clones have set up their own government on an island and have taken the original Mickey and Eega hostage, where they are put on trial. The clones don’t want to be destroyed because they are now all independent thinking creatures! What at first was fun and fancy free has turned into a comical morality tale of sorts, with an interesting outcome.

In the second story of the issue, Mickey is en route to Mount Rushmore with Minnie, Morty, and Ferdie. They get into town and stay only to discover the townspeople have been having some problems with their homes and cars being destroyed mysteriously! Mickey and friends go to Mount Rushmore, but accidentally Morty and Ferdie fall down a tunnel into a secret underground layer. Mickey and Minnie go to search, and then we are left with an awesome cliff hanger to be concluded next issue!

Mickey Mouse and Friends, published by Boom! Studios, is a ton of awesome fun. Great writing. Great art. Check it out!

Collection of Awesomeness: Harvey Comics Treasury Vol.2: Hot Stuff, The Little Devil
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Larz Bourne and Izzy Klein
Artisits: Warren Kremer, Dave Tendlar, Martin Taras, and more.

Following up to their first awesome treasury collection, which featured such favorites as Casper, Baby Huey, and more, Dark Horse unleashes on us more Harvey Comics classic fun for the right price, featuring not just Hot Stuff, the little devil, but also Stumbo, Herman and Katnip, and more! With 200 glossy color pages for just $14.99, you just can’t beat the fun here. The art and writing is the classic Harvey for-all-ages-fun that they are fondly remembered for. The Hot Stuff comics are really interesting, he’s just trying to be a devil, trying to hone in on his powers, but as luck and fate would have it, nothing quite goes his way as he has plenty of adventures and accidentally helps others along the way. Hot Stuff’s mischievous attitude and bad boy-like sense will get you every time, more in the vein of other Harvey characters like Spooky (and you can’t beat his cool design, probably the coolest of all the Harvey universe character designs). Like the first collection, I highly recommend this second!

Purchase of the Week: Richie-Rich Tumbler

Now you can enjoy all the pleasures of having endless loads of money, too, by drinking from this awesome Richie-Rich tumbler! I drank from it, bought a lotto ticket and won nothing, but you know what, I have a really swank looking cup now!

That’s it for this week! See you in two folks, and remember, Anguirus love you!

Drew McCabe



  1. Nothin’ like Glo Balls and Hot Stuff in the mornin’! lol In all seriousness or as much as I can muster right now, I haven’t seen Hot Stuff in ages! I remember picking up those stories for my little cousin when I went to get my “big boy” comics as he called them lol

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