October 20, 2010

GG Studio Reviews: The One #2

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Written by: InfiniteSpeech
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The One #2
GG Studio
Writer: Davide Rigamonti
Artist: Pasquale Qualano
Cover: Pasquale Qualano

“The One pt 2”: After DD reviewed the first issue of The One, I was a bit more determined to read it after my order didn’t come in from Previews. Well it was just my luck that GG Studio was at this year’s NYCC and I was able to pick up the first two issues and enjoy them as much as I hoped I would. I am a bit of a fan of fantasy type stories, especially ones like this that have a sword and sorcery type feel to them.

The story gives us a bit more background on the heroine, Faras, while she is being held captive. It also seems as if other events have been set in motion to secure her rescue as we are introduced to those who will eventually join in her quest. It also seems as if members of the group  carry fragments of the “One” and learn more when they meet up with the beautiful Omir. She warns Faras that besides her friend that betrayed her, there are more that have been compromised.

The story has a similar feel to a lot of fantasy tales, however The One manages to carve out a spot of its own quite well. I like the fact that even though Faras is the heroine and is capable of kicking serious ass, she’s also shown as beatable early on. Things like this work better, at least for me, because it helps with the whole team dynamic and makes it more of a reason to be there. It doesn’t make sense to have a character that can win every fight by themselves, because it negates and hinders the story. Keeping things balanced and the characters vulnerable at certain times will continue to make this book great.

Have you heard how great the GG Studio books look? If so, then you’re about to hear it again, because this issue looks just as good as the first issue. From the calm scenes to the action, the artwork grabs your eyes and doesn’t let go! The panel layouts were great and lent themselves to help tell the story just as well. Combined with the story’s pacing and actual dialog, you end up with a very good start to this series. Though in the next few issues I’d like to see more of the villains that are involved in the story.

If the fantasy genre is your thing, then I’d suggest at least giving The One a try to see if you’ll enjoy it, and even if it’s not, go ahead and give it a shot. Sure there’s a scantly clad woman on the cover with a pretty nice cup size wielding a sword, but the book is much more than that so don’t be fooled.

‘Till next time!

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  1. DecapitatedDan

    NICE! I didn’t know round 2 was already out. DAMN YOU DIAMOND!!!!

  2. Diamond was the reason why I didn’t get the first issue lol I don’t want to have to wait until next years con in NY or San Diego to get the third issue. There has got to be a better way!

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