October 15, 2010

IDW’s Infestation is Coming!

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Written by: Billy
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Alright, let’s see a show of hands for people who like zombies. Yeah, I think they’re pretty cool, too, but this January IDW will put a spin on zombies that you won’t believe! Starting in January 2011, you’ll find zombies galore in Infestation, but you’ll also subsequently find them in Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Trek, and GhostBusters! Yes it’s true, cosmic geniuses Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning will be the driving force behind this mega-event, that will span these four tremendous properties beginning with Infestation #1 (40 pages, full color) on January 19th.

Image by Gabriel Rodriguez (Locke & Key)

Not sold yet? OK, how about I throw the names of Mike Raicht (The Stuff of Legend), Kyle Hotz (Marvel Zombies),  and John K. Snyder III (Phoenix Without Ashes) at you as well. If that list doesn’t impress you, nothing will. The series will run through April, and it sounds like it’s going to be a hard act to follow for the other publishers out there.

IDW’s Chief Creative Officer, Chris Ryall, had this to say about the exciting venture: “This is definitely one of those ‘there’s no way they’ll ever do this’ kind of events, but not only are we doing something fans never thought they’d see, we’re doing it in a way that should confound and exceed their expectations. And doing it with real pros like Abnett and Lanning just makes it that much sweeter, especially knowing what they’ve got planned as a follow-up to this event.”

This has me pumped up for sure about the possibilities for action in these books. Just imagine, can Optimus Prime fight off a horde of Zombies, or will Spock’s Vulcan neck pinch even work on a Zombie? Will Snake Eyes ability to do the impossible with just a gun and swords be enough to stop the living dead? I know one thing for sure. Abnett and Lanning have a track record that is undeniable for spitting out quality books (Guardians of the Galaxy, War of Kings, Thanos Imperative), month after month, year after year. Let us not forget Mike Raicht’s brilliance with The Stuff of Legend, as well. Look for this exciting event to begin in January 2011. Don’t miss it!

Billy Dunleavy



  1. This will either be very good or very bad. Though I guess the only “safe” characters are Transformers they can just step on the zombies and it’s a wrap! lol

  2. Billy

    @Speech- Yeah, I’m interested in seeing the Transformers issue as well.

  3. Actually I think the Ghostbusters series will be the most fun. Zombies won’t be able to stand up to the power of the proton pack!

  4. DecapitatedDan

    I don’t get it. I think the Star Trek will be awkward. Transformers works because of Zombies vs Robots.

  5. Billy

    Why do you think ST will be awkward? It’s simple really. The ship comes to port, and while the crew is off planting the seed with some juicy colonist daughters, the zombies board the Enterprise, and when the crew comes back to shove off, the brain eating contest begins. Voila!

  6. But w/ ST we all know the nameless Red Shirts will be the victims lol

  7. Billy

    @Speech- Just as long as Uhura doesn’t get killed. I like her outfit the best. 😀

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