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October 6, 2010

The Super Hero Squad and SEGA’s Thor at NYCC 2010!

The New York Comic Con is just days away, and there are some great games featuring your favorite Marvel characters lined up for the show.

At the San Diego Comic Con we got our first tease of SEGA’s Thor: God of Thunder, and SEGA will be in New York showing off more of Asgard’s favorite son. SEGA has yet to release any big details about the game, but NYCC seems like a great opportunity for a new trailer and some screen shots, and if the game is shaping up as good as the movie, then I can’t wait to play it. You can see the Thor: God of Thunder teaser trailer here.

Gazillion Entertainment will have Marvel’s first ever Massively Multiplayer Online game, Super Hero Squad Online, playable at their booth. Based on the Cartoon Network series, Super Hero Squad Online allows people to discover their inner superhero. Players can swing through the streets of Super Hero City as Spider-Man, bash bad guys with Thor’s mighty hammer, sling the shield of Captain and experience dozens more iconic Marvel characters. Every hero has their own signature powers, abilities and even some special surprises.

In SHSO, you’ll be able to take control of any one of Marvel’s most iconic and obscure heroes to take on Dr. Doom, find trophies and collectibles, or just hangout around the Marvel Universe and make friends.

Marvel gamers got some cool booths to look forward to in their NYCC adventures. For news and updates on Thor: God of Thunder, Super Hero Squad Online and other video games featuring your favorite comic book characters, checkout The Comics Console every Thursday!

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  1. This does look like fun I but I did want something like the MMO that was planned years ago but for some reason didn’t pan out. Guess I’ll have to wait for DC Universe Online

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