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October 3, 2009

Gotta Have It! Figure Edition: Justice League International Fire and Ice

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bannerFireiceTora ‘Ice’ Olafsdotter, the sweet and kind princess of a kingdom of magical ice mages in Norway, and Beatriz ‘Fire’ da Costa, the brash and independent Brazilian model, are two unlikely best friends who joined the Justice League International team. Originally Icemaiden, Ice has the ability to control ice and snow, creating huge ice/snow monsters, controlling the weather to some degree, creating ice to skate on, flying, super-strength, and is trained in hand-to-hand combat. Originally Green Fury, then Green Flame, Fire has pyrokinesis, meaning she can create or control fire with her mind. She can become a being of living green flame. Her fire is green because it is originally from Brazilian mysticism. She was once the president of Wayne Enterprises’s Brazilian branch and was trained in hand-to-hand combat by Batman himself.

Series: Justice League International: Wave 1-Ice, Wave 2-Fire

Company: DC Direct

Articulation: Ice-13, Fire-9

Clamshell box for Fire. Identical to Ice's except for wave image on back.

Clamshell box for Fire. Identical to Ice's except for wave image on back.

Packaging: Clamshell packaging with figure twisty-tied into box. Background image is the Justice League International team with seprate character images lining the top. The back consists of the same image border at the top, but the main picture is of the figures in the wave, which is off to the right on the back. To the left are seprate biographies for each of the characters that there are figures for.

Released: Ice-March 2009, Fire-September 2009

Where to buy: I don’t think you’ll find these outside of your local comic book store. Retail is $12-$15 depending on the store.

fireandice001The Figures:

Ice is dressed in her 80’s uniform consisting of a sky-blue low cut leotard with puffy sleeves draped and trimmed in white ice-like fabric. Her gloves and boots have the same style. Her snow-white hair is a simple bob cut styled to frame her face.

Fire is also dressed in her 80’s uniform consisting of a light green low cut, sleeveless leotard trimmed in dark green flames. Her long gloves and thigh high boots are also in the same style. Her hair is a green, curly style that is similar to what flames would look like in the comics if characters had fire for hair.

Ice and Fire by Adam Hughes

Ice and Fire by Adam Hughes

High points: It’s Tora and Bea! Holy moly! Kel and I have been waiting FOREVER for 6” figures of these two (Okay, Ice is 6.5” and Fire is 6.75”, but you get my point). It’s awesome to finally have figures of ‘minor’ characters we enjoy. The sculpts are good and look like the Fire and Ice we see in the comics. I do like the choice of paint for these two. The colors look great!

Low Points: Articulation and paint job. With Ice, we have 13 points of articulation, but it’s not enough to pose her in any interesting stance. Fire has less articulation at 9 points and her hair and uniform really restrict the head movement. Paint is another issue. Ice’s costume and gloves have metallic blue paint, but her boots lack the same and has a matte blue. The white has been over painted  on the blue and in some areas the blue is slightly apparent.

Clear item in peg area on arm.

Clear item in peg area on arm.

Another bummer with Ice is the paint bleeding and a little clear ball stuck in her left elbow joint. I have no idea what that is! Fire’s dark green flame edging is definitely sloppy and bleeds onto the costume and the skin. Her hair has some strange yellow marks, I guess it’s supposed to be highlights, though I think sticking with a green spectrum would have been better. The final problem I have is, next to each other, these two have different sized eyes. Ice’s are really tiny compared to Fire’s and they almost look to be from different lines, not different waves.

Overall: 3 out of 5. I think DC Direct could have done a lot better on these two; the paint job needs a lot of work and articulation makes for little posing. The sculpts are good though and the fact that these are figures of characters never made into action figures before, these are still exciting to see.

fireandice003Other characters in this series:

Wave 1: Batman, Black Canary, G’Nort
Wave 2: Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Martian Manhunter

Dee McNamara



  1. Yeah, these definitely are good looking figures! I think the clear thing in Ice’s elbow is… well… ice?

    Once again, awesome figure review Dee!!

  2. Billy

    Good stuff Dee. I personally don’t care for the look of these figures. Both of them look unreal to me. Their legs look way too long and their faces also seem kinda weird to.

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