September 25, 2010

Ye Olde School Cafe’: Essential Marvel Horror vol. 1 pt 1

Hey everyone, welcome back for another installment of Marvel Horror in Ye Olde School Cafe’! In this week’s frightening episode, we’ll see a team-up of sorts between the flame-headed, motorcycle riding, bad mamma-jamma Ghost Rider, and the new kid on the block, Daimon Hellstrom! Believe me when I say that nobody is ready for this guy and his hell-fire blasting trident! Let us now begin our adventure into the depths of Hades!

As Johnny Blaze speeds down he road, he is eventually surrounded by the police. He’s trying to make his way to the hospital to see Roxanne and won’t let anything stop him. Roxanne is in the hospital recovering from a snake bite if you recall. Johnny makes it pretty close, but is shot in the shoulder, then wrecks his motorcycle. He then ends up in the hospital, too, but when he changes into the Ghost Rider, he is instantly healed. Meanwhile, Linda Little-Trees is being looked after by her father and fiancé, because she is in a trance of sorts. She appears to be under the spell of a demon to Sam Silvercloud. Her fiancé knows of a man who might be able to help, though, and his name is Daimon Hellstrom.

As Johnny turns into the Ghost Rider, he realizes he has to get out of the hospital and away from there until morning. He does his best to “sneak out” of the hospital, then he demands that a cabbie drive him into the desert. Meanwhile, Linda Little-Trees is awakened by her master, Satan, and forces her way out of Sam’s care, then runs away into the night. Ghost Rider heads out to the site where Johnny is supposed to make a death defying leap across a canyon, but before he can get there in time, his understudy, Bart, tries the jump with Roxanne looking on in fear. He ends up getting himself killed in the process of attempting the record jump, and just as he does, Ghost Rider shows up. He tells Roxanne that she has to come with him, but then she faints, and the cops start to chase the two who have now stolen a car.

As the wild chase begins in the desert, Daimon Hellstrom shows up at Sam’s house to find out he’s too late. As this is transpiring,Ghost Rider realizes that morning is soon coming and he will turn back into Johnny, and his wounds will also return. Knowing that he can’t keep going long enough to out run the police for long, he pulls off of the road to beg Satan to come and take him away. Roxanne objects of course, then GR slaps her to the ground out of frustration. Then Witch-Woman appears, and GR realizes that Satan has sent his emissary to collect him. Back at Sam’s house, Hellstrom tells Sam he still might be able to help, but he needs Sam to tie him up with a magical chain called the chain of Ankhs. He tells Sam to bind his hands and lock him in a room until morning. Sam doesn’t understand, but does so anyway. Sam doesn’t realize that at night, Daimon will be overcome by his more devilish side and wreak havoc if he’s let out of the locked room and his shackles are removed. We see Daimon kneeling down and saying a prayer to help him make it through this frightening night.

Back at the desert, we see Witch-Woman telling Johnny that Satan has heard his pleas and is ready to take his soul. She also tries to get Roxanne’s soul, but Ghost Rider objects and tells her no way. Just as it seems like the two are going to throw down, a biker gang shows up. Ghost Rider wants to waste them, but he doesn’t want the public to know that his Ghost Rider persona isn’t just an act, so he takes a beating from the head biker dude. Meanwhile, Hellstrom is having a transformation of sorts and begs for Sam to let him out of the locked room. We then see Witch-Woman snap her fingers, and she and Ghost Rider disappear into the bowels of Hell. Once there, he remembers his recent trip there and the subsequent fight with his adoptive father Crash Simpson, for the soul of Roxanne. Just as Satan reveals himself to Johnny, Satan is approached by a mysterious figure who actually scares him!

This will end part one of this week’s tale, but tune in next week for Marvel Spotlight #12, and the awesome origin of the Son of Satan! Don’t miss this story of triumph and loss as Roxanne’s life hangs in the balance, along with the soul of Johnny Blaze!




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  2. Aron

    I love me some of dees stories, Billy! Good coverage on Ye Olde School Cafe!

    Until he quits with the awesome classic Marvel horror and covers Punisher VS Archie, make mine Billy!

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