September 24, 2010

Top Cow Announces Whilce Portacio As New Artifacts Artist!

Well folks, it looks like the guy to take over art duties after Michael Broussard on Top Cow’s Artifacts is none other than Whilce Portacio! His run will take place in issues five through eight and help build on what Broussard and Marz have already started with this epic event. Portacio’s work is well known and his experience and unique style will be a welcome addition to what’s already shaping up to be a damn good story!

This is an excerpt from the announcement made earlier today:

With the launch of issue five, a new story arc will begin within the series. “This arc was specially set up for me, ” the illustrator says, “I like doing tech stuff, but I also like doing dark and moody. In this case, that moodiness revolves around supernatural stuff and that’s right up my alley. This was a chance for me to artistically examine technology versus spirituality.”

Ron Marz is handling the writing duties for the 13-issue mini-series. Portacio is thrilled to be working with Marz and publisher Filip Sablik. “All I really want is to know that I have a writer that I trust and respect,” he says. “I love what Ron’s doing. I love his work. I know that he’s going to give me epic and big.”

I can only assume from Portacio’s comment that Cyberdata will be involved in some fashion, and maybe we’ll get a bit more Aphrodite action as well! Could the Hunter Killers or Cyberforce be far behind? Who knows, I could be totally wrong, but that’s part of the fun of not knowing who’s going to show up in Marz and Portacio’s story arc!  One thing I don’t have to guess is that these two covers for Artifacts #5 are pure FIRE!

With two more mystery artists remaining, who do YOU think Top Cow is going to team up with Marz for issues #9-#12 and then the final thirteenth issue?

For more Top Cow check right here!

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  1. Erm…has anyone at Top Cow looked at Uncanny X-Men lately?

    : /

    I love Portacio’s older stuff and I think his come back story is wholly inspiring and completely incredible. I just don’t know if his current stuff is flagship title worthy. I hope it is though!!

  2. Billy

    Where’s Sejic when you need him… 🙁

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  5. I’m just wondering who the next two artists will be. I’m hoping that Silvestri does the last issue but I have no clue as to who would do issues 9-12.

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