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September 29, 2010

Gotta Have It! Figure Edition: DC Universe Classics Wonder Twins 2-pack

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Written by: nickz
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By Touching Knuckles with his sister and uttering the magic phrase “Wonder Twin Powers, Activate,” Zan is able to transform into any water-based shape possible. Whether it’s liquid, vapor, or even a solid ice structure, he always calls upon the proper “Form of water” for the situation. Limited only by his imagination, his constructs go beyond simple bridges and shelters. If there is ever the need for a functioning jet made of ice – Zan is the man!

Combined with the powers of her twin brother, Jayna is able to Turn into virtually any beast on Earth or beyond – From a mythological Griffin to an extinct dinosaur or even a creature from a distant planet. Jayna often assumes the “Form of an eagle” to deliver urgent news or to cover great distances quickly. And if a ring-tailed lemur is the key to keeping evil at bay, Jayna is your mammal!

Superfriends fans went nuts when this Wonder Twins 2-Pack was released as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive. Zan and Jayna had been longtime fan favorites along with their monkey sidekick Gleek. These young, super-powered siblings were relatable to the viewers and were the audience’s point of view into the show. With kind of lame but awesome powers and a great catch phrase, the Wonder Twins are the greatest side-kicks since the boy wonder.

Product Line: DC Universe Classics
Company: Mattel
Released: July 2009
Packaging: Window box packaging
Where to Buy: or SDCC
Price: $40
Points of Articulation: 22
Height: 6 inches

Paint Job: Zan and Jayna are painted lavender with dark violet gloves, boots, belts, and collars. They also have a yellow trim on their boots and a yellow oval on the front of their belts. The Wonder Twins insignias on their chests are also dark violet with a yellow initial of their first name. They have black hair and eyebrows, their faces are a darker flesh color, they have white teeth, and white eyes with lavender pupils. Jayna has lavender lipstick and eye shadow. The paint jobs are done pretty well. The colors are consistently even and there is no bleeding.

Durability: The twins are made with plastic that is pretty flexible, but not so much that they will break easily. Their joints move without issue and hold in place nicely. They have peg holes in the bottom of each foot. Zan is built a little more sturdy than Jayna, but this is mainly due to his larger size.

Poseability: Zan and Jayna can be posed with relative ease. They both balance pretty well, and with 22 points of articulation, it only takes a few tweaks to get them into the stance that you want. Jayna has thin legs and is a bit more top heavy, but it isn’t  really too much of a problem.

Accessories: The Wonder Twins come with an “alternate version” of themselves. Jayna comes with an eagle form of herself and Zan with a bucket of water. Zan’s water bucket-self has a cheesy looking, water version face that you can see when looking down into the bucket. If you got this 2-pack from the San Diego Comic Con, it also came with an exclusive Gleek action figure that completes this set nicely for any true Wonder Twins fan.

What’s Awesome: The best thing about these figures really is the packaging. They come in a window box that opens up like a book. When closed, the figures are back to back and can be placed in a plastic cover that slides over them.  The cover has each of their insignias on their respective sides, a Wonder Twins logo on the front, and a brief description of each character on the  back.

When you open up the box as you would a book is when the real fun happens. In this position, Zan and Jayna are now side by side and each has their hand extended out toward the other. The box will then light up and play one of two different sound bites of the Wonder Twins doing their magic phrase and turning into different items so they can “save those kids.” With the voices, the background lights, and the sound effects, it’s just plain awesome.

What Sucks: The major issue with this set is availability. It was only available at SDCC or at, and the Matty Collector site is sold out. The good news is you still can find it on Amazon, Ebay, or a slew of different toy sites. The bad news is that it is going to cost you more. If you intend to get this, just make sure to shop around to get the best deal, because I have seen prices range from $75 to over $150.

Overall: This gets 4 out of 5. I would say this is a must have item for any DC fan. Besides Zan’s pail of water, everything else about this set is just amazing. This is one that you are probably going to want to keep in the box, because the presentation is so awesome.

Nick Zamora



  1. This is probably the coolest they have ever looked! Nice one Nick!

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  3. Billy

    They look like a couple of creepy vulcan rejects…scary.

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