September 21, 2010

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 09/15/10

Hey everyone! I’ve got three Brightest Day books reviewed for you and one Bat-book. Enjoy!

Minor spoilers ahead!

Batman Beyond #4
Adam Beechen
Artist(s): Ryan Benjamin and John Stanisci
Cover Artist: Dustin Nguyen
Publisher: DC

With every issue this mini-series continues to be great. From the very first issue we’ve slowly been building up to this moment, the unveiling of the masked criminal/vigilante. In the last issue the masked criminal had caught up with Catwoman and was in the process of taking her out, when suddenly he is attacked by one of the Bat-Wraiths Bruce had been building. Unfortunately, during the battle the Wraith begins to malfunction, so Bruce is forced to self-destruct the robot. Meanwhile, Terry meets the former Robin, Dick Grayson, and we finally learn the details of his retirement. The issue ends with a bang as Terry and the masked villain face off in battle, where the masked criminal finally reveals himself.
This was a great read. As I’ve mentioned, the writing has been able to capture the same feel the TV show used to have. Interestingly, with every issue I find I have fewer problems with the art. It’s shame that this is a mini-series, because I’d like to see more of the Catwoman of this time and universe. Plus, I’ve always wondered what the deal was with Dick Grayson in this universe, and now we know. I am noticing a bit of a trend with the plot direction and I’m not quite sure that I like it. 4/5

Birds of Prey #5
Writer: Gail Simone
Artist(s): Alvin Lee, Adriana Melo, Jack Purcell, and JP Mayer
Cover Artist: Alina Uruso
Publisher: DC

Coming off of a fantastic first arc, this issue felt a little bit lacking. Barbara, who had just made amends with Creote and Savant, invites them to her new lair. Meanwhile, Black Canary leaves the states for Bangkok with the White Canary, seemingly to never return. Huntress and Lady Blackhawk, rightfully angered by Dinah’s departure, fly down to Bangkok to help her out. The issue wasn’t particularly bad. I thought that the story was fairly good, though a tad rushed. On the other hand, I thought that the art was pretty bad. The proportions felt off in certain scenes, and at other times the characters were depicted oddly. The fight scene at the end was done well, in my opinion, as were the scenes with Oracle. Overall, this issue was not as great as the first four, but it wasn’t terrible as its purpose seemed to be to move the Birds of Prey forward. 3/5

Brightest Day #10
Writer(s): Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi
Artist(s): Ivan Reis, Scott Clark, Joe Prado, Oclair Albert, and David Beaty
Cover Artist: David Finch
Publisher: DC

This issue was a fantastic one. Initially, there had been a lot of complaints regarding the pacing of the story, but in recent issues the pacing has been just right. This issue focused on Aquaman and Firestorm, who had been absent for a while. Aquaman, who had recently found out that Mera was sent to kill him, goes in search of Black Manta’s long lost son, the new Aqualad. We learn more about this new Aqualad as his adoptive father tells him the story of how he came to live with them. The two are attacked by Black Manta and we are given a dazzling display of Aqualad’s powers. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Jason are once again joined as Firestorm when they learn the true extent of their powers. It would appear as if the Matrix is continuing to evolve, and with the slightest bit of emotional stress, the two of them could trigger a new Big Bang, causing everything but the two of them to cease existing.
The way this issue is set up, focusing on just the two stories, works out perfectly. In both cases, this issue serves to progress the story as well as develop the characters. The entire revelation about Firestorm’s powers and the teaser about who is inhabiting the body with Jason and Ronnie, was executed excellently. And the strained relations between Mera and Arthur coupled with the introduction of this new hero is making the Aquaman story more exciting. In both cases the artwork and the writing are just great. 4.5/5

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #2
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artist(s): Fernando Pasarin and Cam Smith
Cover Artist(s): Rodolfo Migliari and Felipe Massafera
Publisher: DC

I enjoyed this issue, though it did feel a tad slow paced. After the first issue, it felt as if the series was ready to burst into action. What ended up happening, however, was another issue setting up what is going to come, which admittedly is not a bad thing. In fact, the issue was well done. Arisia, who is certain that Sodam Yat is alive (he is believed to be dead by all the other Green Lanterns and the Guardians), and Kilowag, who is tortured by all the deaths that surround them, both decide to join Guy on his mission to explore the uncharted territories. However, before they can get started, Guy’s first stop is the home of the Blue Lanterns, where he wishes to purge himself of the Red Lantern ring.
Overall this was a fairly decent issue. Would I have liked even a little more action? Most definitely. To be fair though, we were introduced to a new villain, Zardor, who seems to be all kinds of powerful. And with Bleez’s entrance on that last page, we know we’re in for some exciting times in the upcoming issues. 3.5/5

Arnab Pradhan



  1. I think I should be readig Birds of Prey and I think I’ll start grabbing the trades once they start coming out. It seems like Gail is putting out a damn good series here!

    As for Brightest Day 10, I’m glad the pacing of this issue was a lot better especially with the focus on Firestorm and though I’m not the biggest Aquaman fan his issues with Mera came off perfect and it was written pretty well. The Aqualad part was a little hokey and is it bad that from the first time Black Manta appeared in the story I just KNEW that this kid was related to him? There was a pretty weak plot point in that story as well but I won’t bring it up unless someone else does. I don’t like spoiling things.

  2. Billy

    Great reviews….so who was under the mask in BB?!? 😀

  3. Anisa

    Brightest Day and Emerald Warriors have fantastic artists.
    Brightest Day was one of my favorite issues this week. It was interesting and exciting and an all around great read! 🙂

  4. @InfiniteSpeech- Birds of Prey is at the moment a great story. The art, unfortunately has not been consistently good. Ed Benes did a great job, but hasn’t completed an entire issue since the first one.

    I’m still on the border about Aqualad. But his powers are kinda awesome, so things are looking good in his favor. I’m not a fan of spoiling things either, but I am curious as to what plot point you are referring to.

    @Billy- It was Bruce. It was an elaborate scheme to make Terry a better Batman. 🙂 In case that smiley wasn’t clear, I’m joking. Although, that would have been a fun twist.

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