September 18, 2010

Dark Horse/ Exclusive: Covers to Magnus, Robot Fighter #4 + Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #5 Revealed!

Dark Horse has given us the exclusive privilege of revealing the covers to Magnus, Robot Fighter #4 and Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #5 which are released this December! Check them out below with Previews information.

Jim Shooter (W), Bill Reinhold (A), Wes Dzioba (C), and Raymond Swanland (Cover)

On sale Dec 8
FC, 40 pages

“If you hunt and kill a man, it’s murder, but what if it’s a robot with advanced artificial intelligence? To Magnus, that’s murder, too. The Metal Mob’s Capo Andronicus runs a “safari” racket patronized by the idle rich, who pay to track sentient Q-ROBs deep in the lawless Goph Lands. Tonight’s prey: Q-ROB Steelhammer. Even though Steelhammer is a blood-soaked human killer, Magnus cannot allow him to be hunted like an animal. Interfering with the hunt makes Magnus prey as well . . . dangerous game, indeed. Magnus confronts the Boss of all Bosses, Timur, in a battle for the ages!”

“This is what we love about comics: non-stop, kick-ass action.” —Comic Attack
Magnus offers a Silver Age tone with enough modern storytelling sensibility to not stick out as being hokey or dated.” —IGN

Well look at that- We’ve been pull quoted! Awesome!! Click the following link to read a review of Magnus, Robot Fighter #1!

Jim Shooter (W), Roger Robinson (A), Agustin Alessio (A/C), Wes Dzioba (C), and Michael Komarck (Cover)

On sale Dec 29
FC, 40 pages

“Doctor Solar, the Man of the Atom, is the greatest single power in existence. But Tanek Nuro, a ruthless global power broker, has acquired the key code to the operating system of the universe, and he means to change things. With no limit to Nuro’s monstrous ambition and only Doctor Solar in his way, a war of biblical proportions starts now. Also starting now, the origin saga of the Man of the Atom. How did a middle-aged man of science come to command the fires of creation? Everything you know . . . and everything you didn’t . . . comes to the fore in this double-feature extravaganza not to be missed!”

• Solar’s origin revealed!
• Two stories in one!

What’s this cover all about? Are we going to learn some deep dark secrets from Solar’s past? Pick up the issue to find out, and click on the following links for our reviews of the series: Doctor Solar #1 Doctor Solar #2

Also, be sure to read our interview with writer of both Magnus and Doctor Solar, Jim Shooter! Click here for all things Dark Horse.

Andy Liegl



  1. That Raymond Swanland is just a fantastic cover artist! His work on all of the Aliens and Predator books just blew me away and I’d definitely pick up a cover gallery book of his one day!

  2. Wait! I just noticed Calero’s name isn’t on here at all for Solar. So he was just the artist for the first issue and that’s it? That’s a bit of a letdown if you ask me but ah well.

  3. Billy

    Dark Horse is doing a great job reviving these classics!

  4. Eli

    Really liking both of these books so far.

    Those covers are definitely beautiful.

  5. maria dizazzo

    Hells yeah! I’m loving this! Both artworks are incredibly well done. 😀

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