September 17, 2010

Top Cow/ Exclusive: Tracker #5 Preview!

The good people over at Top Cow have given us this exclusive preview of Tracker #5, the final issue of the series, which comes out next Wednesday! Tracker is written by Jonathan Lincoln with art by Abhishek Malsuni. The cover artist is Francis Tsai. The solicit info for this issue reads as follows:

“The first property from Top Cow and Heroes and Villains Entertainment comes to a pulse-pounding conclusion!  FBI tracker Alex O’Roark finally comes face-to-face and claw-to-claw with his maker – the serial killer Herod! But will Alex be able to control his animalistic instincts long enough to extract the sample of Herod’s blood to end his own suffering?”

Per the norm of Top Cow books, the art in this series is vibrant; from the pencils to the coloring, it just looks great! So what’s going down here in this preview? Essentially Alex’s girlfriend, Tory, has apparently been murdered by the ever elusive perpetrator, Herod. Alex has been hunting Herod since he killed a bunch of people on the blue line in issue #1, and he soon learns it’s because Herod needs to feed on Lupine blood in order to survive. Oh yeah- Herod and Alex are both werewolves! Now Alex is faced with a tough question- is he willing to lose the woman he loves in order to kill the man he hates?

Find out next week!

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Andy Liegl



  1. Billy

    Looks like a gritty series for sure. Once again, Top Cow is doing awesome!

  2. The series looks good actually. Might have to pick it up in trade at some point when things slow down with my collecting!

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