September 15, 2010

DC Reviews: Batgirl #14

Batgirl #14
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Bryan Q. Miller
Art: Lee Garbett
Cover: Stanley “Artgerm” Lau
Price: US $2.99
Release Date: September 9, 2010

***CAUTION: This Review Contains Spoilers!***

Stephanie Brown is spending another boring Friday night at home.  With her mom.  Playing Scrabble.  Lame.  Lame, until Supergirl shows up!

The girls decide to hit the Gotham University campus to see what the cool kids are doing.  They go to the campus theater to check out an old, black and white Dracula movie that is playing in 3-D.

While Stephanie and Kara are watching the movie, nearby a science experiment has gone terribly wrong.  A science experiment that generates a force field, trying to create three-dimensional constructs from an image.  This force field hits the Dracula movie.  At twenty-four frames per second, there are now twenty-four black and white Draculas running amok.  There’s gonna be a super babe team-up!  Yippie!

Kara rips her shirt off, revealing her Supergirl costume, and she’s ready to throw down, but…Stephanie is still sitting there.

Supergirl: Aren’t you gonna…you know….
Stephanie: Not unless you wanna see my bra.
Supergirl: Does it have a bat on it?
Stephanie: (with an ice-cold glare) I assure you that it does not.

This team-up is great!  It is awesome!  The friendship that these two girls have and the popcorn banter that they share is just way too much fun!  It was a good, fun, self-contained read.  Not only was it fun to read, it was fun to look at, too.  Lee Garbett helped to capture the fun “buddy comic” feel throughout, as the girls went around getting rid of twenty-four Draculas.

I would definitely like to see more of this team-up in the future.  Come on, DC!  Give them their own series together.  It would surely be a “girl-power” series that I would spend my hard earned money on.  Oh, wow!  I think I’m in trouble here.  I think I’m developing a crush….

Aron White



  1. Best issue of this series. Hands down.

  2. Aron

    Yeah. Second best was last issue where she took on Clayface in broad daylight.

  3. Hasn’t DC beaten the Batman/Superman team ups (in just about any form) to death? Maybe a team up mini series or a series of one shots every two months. And you gotta love those Artgerm covers!

  4. Aron

    Speech, these would be more fun to read than a Superman/Batman team up. And that cover is pretty awesome.

  5. Billy

    Hmmm…DC did a vampire story…wonder why…oh yeah, because EVERYBODY ELSE IS!!! lol

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