October 26, 2010

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 10/20/2010

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Written by: DecapitatedDan
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Welcome to Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews! Here you can find out what we at thought of this past week’s new books in 140 characters or less! Make sure to come back each week to see what we have to say about the latest comics!

Batman and Robin #15 (DC)
Andy: This shit is so weird and twisted, I love it!
Arnab: Absolutely fantastic.
Aron: Chills!
NickI: The bat box says “Gotcha,” and so Morrison’s story is slowly starting to unravel itself. Brilliant stuff. Irving is a perfect fit.
NickZ: There was so much going on here, I didn’t want the issue to end.

Batman Beyond #5 (DC)
Andy: …Dick Grayson clones? Really? Lame.
Arnab: This issue was filled with revelations, one that was a tad strange.
NickZ: This series makes me want to give the cartoon another try.

The Boys: Highland Laddie #3 (Dynamite)
Andy: Things finally get interesting in this one. Still wordy as all hell, but the last page keeps things exciting.

Brightest Day #12 (DC)
Andy: Martian Manhunter fans will love it, but me? I can’t get into the banana heads myself.
Arnab: This is the issue for all Martian Manhunter fans. Green martians are creepy.
NickI: Too many thought balloons, too much exposition. This issue definitely brought everything to a screeching halt.
NickZ: J’onn is such a lonely character, it’s tragic.

Bruce Wayne The Road Home Catwoman #1 (DC)
Andy: Gives me hope that Selena’s role in the upcoming Bat-shake-up will be a good one.
Arnab: This wasn’t the best of the bunch, but it did a great job of depicted Catwoman’s growth as a character.
NickZ: Kind of a boring story but you gotta love Bruce and Selina.

Bruce Wayne: The Road Home – Commissioner Gordon (DC)
Andy: I would buy any Bat-book drawn by Szymon Kudranski. A great story spotlighting GCPD’s best.
Arnab: A great look into the life of Gotham’s finest cop.

The Calling: Cthulhu Chronicles #4 (BOOM!)
Aron: Done?!

Carnage #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Clayton Crain’s art is SICK! I’m disappointed nobody else on staff checked it out. You guys suck!

Chaos War #2 (Marvel)
Andy: Yes! Hercules is the man!
Aron: Exciting!
NickI: The new God Squad assembles! This may be the most Epic “low-key” Marvel event in recent memory.

Daredevil #511 (Marvel)
Andy: What the hell. Well, Shadowland has almost totally fizzled out for me. Which sucks because I thought it was great going in.
Aron: Messy.
NickI: Shadowland is a bust for me, but I like how DD’s supporting cast is treated this book.

Darkwing Duck #5 (BOOM!)
Andy: I loved this episode! …er, issue!
Aron: Oops!

DC Universe Legacies #6 (DC)
NickZ: Why can’t these past five issues be more like the first one?

Deadpool #28 (Marvel)
NickZ: Deadpool doing Top Gun was hilarious and the Secret Avengers are awesome.

Fables #99 (Vertigo)
Andy: Wow. The best Fables issue in a looooooong time. The art is stunning too- perfect for this story arc.
NickI: Who’d win in a fight, the North Wind or the Dark Man?

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #159 (IDW)
Andy: Lots of random, pointless dialogue with forced ililteration over-“shadows” some really cool final pages.

Green Lantern Corps #53 (DC)
Andy: The best GLC issue maybe since Blackest Night began. Sinestro is one cold-hearted papi!
Arnab: Looks like bonding time for Kyle and Sinestro.

Guarding The Globe #2 (Image)
NickZ: This is just a super fun, super funny comic. If you have checked it out you should!

Haunt #10 (Image)
Andy: Glad to see this series is still going strong!

Hellblazer #272 (Vertigo)
Aron: Awesome!

Hulk #26 (Marvel)
Andy: This is the time to check out Red Hulk! Jeff Parker is this shiz-nit! Loved the Thor gag. lol. What a dick.

Justice League of America #50 (DC)
Andy: This book has more meaningless dialogue than a political debate. Plus, the cast is never consistent. WTF.
NickZ: Justice League needs a complete reboot with a different creative team and a new line up.

Kick-Ass 2 #1 (Icon)
Aron: Undecided.
NickI: The Justice League of Wannabe Avengers! Can’t wait to see how much they get their asses kicked in future issues!

Loki #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Ever wonder why Loki hates Thor so much? Wonder no more!
NickI: Surprise book of the week. In spite all things Thor over-saturating the comic shops, this is worth reading. Loki is a great anti-hero.

Morning Glories #3 (Image)
Aron: Insane!
Jeff: This book is just super crazy. I have no idea what’s going on, but I absolutely love it!
NickI: I’m sure this is a very well-written series…but the art is just so subpar, it’s unbearable.

New Mutants #18 (Marvel)
Andy: Ok, I really need to go re-read Inferno.
Jeff: This is the best New Mutants stuff in 20 years. I love the Inferno babies.
NickZ: Wow, the New Mutants got there asses handed to them.

Ragman Suit of Souls #1
Andy: Great art supplements everything a n00b like me needs to know about ol’Rags.
Aron: Good.

The Sixth Gun #5 (Oni Press)
Andy: I love this series. The art is detailed and the western/supernatural story is well told. Definitely an indie gem!

Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #1 (BOOM! Studios)
Andy: I’m interested, but I question what Stan Lee has to do with any of it.
NickI: X-O Manowar meets Firestorm, two characters I don’t care much for. But Cornell is writing, so I’ll give the next issues a chance.

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #4 (Marvel)
NickI: The last pages basically mean that this miniseries will have some ramifications in future Rogers/Cap storylines.

Supergirl #57 (DC)
Andy: Glad this Bizarro story arc is over. I HATE reading “Bizarro talk.”
Aron: Bizarre.
NickZ: Me am glad Stupid Girl on Bizarro World am over.

Superman/Batman #77 (DC)
Andy: Very well done. I want to see Damian interact with more of the teen DCU characters. Oh wait, he is!
NickZ: We need to have a Supergirl and Robin team up book. Damian has never been better (and I don’t even like him).

Turf #3 (Image)
Andy: An interesting blend of genres here. A bit wordy, but the art really sets the scene.

Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #4 (Marvel)
Andy: This series is losing me. People should stay dead in the Ultimate Universe. It’s part of what makes it so cool.
NickI: Thor was only a peace loving hippie because Odin suppressed his super-anger? Lame. Jeph Loeb continues to tarnish Mark Millar’s run.

The Walking Dead #78 (Image)
Andy: Rick is the man. Seriously. It was badass seeing his crew apply what they’ve learned from dealing with the Governor.
Arnab: That was some mighty fine shooting. Although, I’m not sure this is the direction Rick needs to be going right now.
Jeff: Just when this book can’t get any better…it gets better. Bad things are coming for our heroes.
NickI: Despite my hating Kirkman’s exhausting dialogue (making me screan, GET TO THE POINT ALREADY!), I never know where this book is going.
NickZ: Did anyone else find this cover misleading? I can’t wait until NO WAY OUT!

Vertigo Resurrected #1 (Vertigo)
Aron: “Shoot” = Eisner material!

X-23 #2 (Marvel)
Andy: This is turning out to be a great series. Two issues in and it already feels epic.
Jeff: Picked this up on a lark. I had trouble following some of it, but still not a bad issue.
NickZ: This going to hell story line is not working out to well for Wolverine and his “children”.

X-Factor #210 (Marvel)
Arnab: Decent story, pretty much a filler. Though I must say, Rahne Sinclair is pretty much scum of the Earth.
Jeff: I loved this “Meanwhile…” issue. Great stuff with Rictor & Rahne.
NickZ: Meanwhile… I kinda wish that Rahne’s baby was Rictors and they could be a happy family.

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  2. Aron

    Nick Z, I agree with you. Legacies #1 was so AWESOME! I dropped it after #2 fizzled.
    Andy, I checked out Carnage #1 but it was too late to Chirp. I liked the interaction with Spidey and Iron Man. Good stuff!

  3. Glad you liked Carnage man! Crain was born to do that character!

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