October 5, 2010

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 9/29/2010

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Written by: DecapitatedDan
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Welcome to Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews! Here you can find out what we at thought of this past week’s new books in 140 characters or less! Make sure to come back each week to see what we have to say about the latest comics. Also, welcome Andy’s co-worker, Nick Ignacio to this week’s Chirps; Nick works with Andy at the coolest comic shop in Los Angeles, Collector’s Paradise!

Action Comics #893 (DC)
Cornell’s run has just taken an awesome turn! Can’t wait to see what the special guest has in store for us.
Nick I: Cornell knows how to write Lex, that’s certain. But more exciting is the Jimmy Olsen backup. Most backups suck, but this one doesn’t.
Nick Z:
Luthor is so clever, I want to see how he gets out of this. Also loved the Jimmy Story with CHLOE SULLIVAN!!

Amazing Spider-Man #644 (Marvel)
The reveal at the end has sparked some life into this bizarre baby-carrying-while-battling arc.
Nick I: There’s a guy behind the Octo-guy, and they’re throwing every foe at Spidey. Great Rhino moment, but it’s getting a little too convoluted.

Artifacts #2 (Top Cow)
Andy: Great issue! …although I expected Sara to be a little more, I dunno, upset? after realizing her sister had a bullet in her dome.
Infinite Speech: Take note Big Two! A 13 issue major event that stands on it’s own without an assload of worthless tie ins!
Nick I: Marz introduces the various Top Cow characters with such ease that, even though I know nothing about them, I’m not confused in the least.

Atlas #5 (Marvel)
Andy: Sad to see yet another Jeff Parker title get the axe. Why the F won’t fans read this guy’s stuff? It’s great!
Nick I: The ending to this underrated (and underselling) series suffers because of its “rushed” finish. Oh well there will be another mini out soon.

Captain America #610 (Marvel)
Andy: Loved the old school salutes in this one. Suck it Baron Zemo!
Infinite Speech: Brubaker is establishing the new Cap as his own man with a solid story arc and the next one should be even better.
Nick I: This storyline felt more of a setup for the next “Trial” storyline. Nonetheless, Zemo comes out of it a great villain for Cap-Buck.

Casanova #3 (Icon)
Nick I: I love re-reading this book, and remembering why Fraction is one of the best writers in comics.

Chew #14 (Image)
Andy: I wonder if I bite Decapitated Dan’s detached head if I’ll get flashes of his past… hmmmm…
Nick I: Chu’s ex-fiancee comes back to haunt his new relationship. And we see how badass Savoy really is. Character moments are key to this series.

Detective Comics #869 (DC)
Andy: This story line continues to be solid…even if Dick’s belt is missing the bat symbol. : P

Driver for the Dead #2 (Radical)
Decapitated Dan: Louisiana VooDoo, plenty of gore and a killer story idea. How can you not  be reading this one!
Infinite Speech: Heffernen and Manco are killin’ it right now with this mini series! Grab it in trade if you missed the first two issues!

First Wave #4 (DC)
Nick I: I know there’s a great story here somewhere. But it’s always late, the art is regressing, and Azzarello is always better read in trade.

Franken-Castle #21 (Marvel)
From the art to the story, this was a great issue! Franken-Castle is gone (hurray!) and The Punisher is back!
Nick I: I may be the only one who loved Franken-Castle and all its absurdity, so it’s sad to see Frank back to normal. Beautiful art by Brereton.

Gotham City Sirens #16 (DC)
Andy: We return to a plot line introduced earlier in this series. It has potential, but I’m reserving my expectations.
Nick Z: Selina, Zatanna, Ivy, Harley, and Talia….I think i a had a dream about this once, but there was more pillow fights and less clothing.

Green Arrow #4 (DC)
Andy: Wasn’t a fan of the first half of the issue being a re-telling of Brightest Day #9, but after that it got pretty good.

Namor the First Mutant #2 (Marvel)
I never cared about Namor until he joined the X-Men. I never became a fan of Namor until reading this series!
Nick I:
This is more than just a “Curse of the Mutants” tie-in. This is about Namor saving his people, and regaining his Imperius Rex! status.
Nick Z:
Am I the only one that doesn’t care about New Atlantis and underwater vamps?

Pilot Season: Asset #1 (Top Cow)
Andy: Sexy art reinforces a well woven plot. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if something like this happens one day. Online dating is risky business!

Powers #6 (Icon)
Nick I: A furry is murdered. Walker fights Cthulhu. Someone manages to kill “God.” And Deena Pilgrim makes her comeback. This is Powers at its best!

Secret Warriors #20 (Marvel)
Nick I: Fury strikes, and things go bad for the Caterpillars. I love how this book mixes complex espionage with blockbuster storytelling.

Star Spangled War Stories featuring Mademoiselle Marie #1 (DC)
Andy: The first two one shots of this line started out with a bang, but since then the enjoyment has gone MIA.

Star Wars: Blood Ties #2 (Dark Horse)
Andy: This one’s pretty much all about Boba Fett, which is awesome, but not as awesome as Chris Scalf’s painted art! Well worth the $3.50 bounty!

Star Wars Invasion: Rescues (Dark Horse)
Andy: Things slow down a bit as the action is replaced with character moments. Still, it’s good stuff.

Teen Titans #87 (DC)
Andy: I’d rather read an issue of X-Men Forever used as toilet paper than go through another chapter of this pointlessness. Next issue J.T. Krul takes over, so I have hope for the future!

Time Masters Vanishing Point #3 (DC)
Nick Z: This brings to mind two words “Waverider LIVES.”

Wonder Woman #603 (DC)
Andy: I was into this issue. Without the cryptic soothsayer with the gum addiction, this book is tight!

X-Men: Curse of the Mutants X-Men VS. Vampires #1 (Marvel)
A great read if you’re into this story arc. The best part? When a vampire refers to Magneto as “Max.”
Nick Z:
I loved these little short stories and the titles just killed me.

X-Men Forever 2 #8 (Marvel)
Andy: This issue had more WTF moments in it than an episode of Teletubbies. Yes, that’s a bad thing. A really bad thing.

X-Men Legacy #240 (Marvel)
Andy: Cool plot twist at the end, but I could care about the villains. Was expecting more from a story starring Mags and Rogue.
Jeff: I just don’t care about this story or these characters.
Nick I: I wish I remembered this pre-Legacy storyline about this post-human society (Supernovas?), but I don’t. I would probably like it more if I did.
Nick Z: What a twist, the old switcheroo.

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  1. Andy your continued reading of X-Men Forever worries me…a lot.

  2. Billy

    Great Chirps guys! I especially liked Speech’s warning to the “Big 2”! lol

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