September 11, 2010

Ye Olde School Cafe’: Essential Ghost Rider vol. 1 pt 3

Welcome back to another horror filled edition of Ye Olde School Cafe! This week we’ll continue our walk with the supernatural and talk some more Ghost Rider! In past weeks, we’ve seen the origin of the Ghost Rider, along with Johnny Blaze, and the Simpson family stunt show. We have also seen the evil force behind all of Johnny’s heartache and pain. Yes, Satan has been after Johnny’s soul and won’t give up until he’s got it!

Crash Simpson and Johnny Blaze are face to face in the presence of Satan. The two supernatural beings are about to throw down right in front of Roxanne. Crash believes if he kills Ghost Rider, Satan will give him his life back. Johnny doesn’t want to hurt Crash, but he doesn’t want to die, either. Both men start to fight each other, with Ghost Rider being a little tentative. When it seems like Crash isn’t getting the upper hand, Satan has one of his demons help out. Crash tells Satan that Johnny was supposed to be his to kill, but Satan explains that it doesn’t matter who stops the Ghost Rider. Crash then tries to kill Johnny while the demon is restraining him, but in the end, he can’t do it. He then slices open the demon holding Johnny and agrees to try and help him escape. Satan immediately has his demon attack Crash, but both die in the ensuing fight. Johnny is then approached by a robed figure, who tells him that he’ll take care of Crash’s body, and then Johnny blacks out.

When Johnny wakes up, he is greeted by Roxanne, who thinks she’s dreamed all of this. Johnny tells her to not worry, because they need to pack and head for Arizona for the next show. Once Johnny arrives in Arizona, he’s met by a man named Sam Silvercloud. The Native American tells Johnny that he’ll take him to the spot where the show will be performed, but as they are getting ready to leave, Sam pulls out a gun and tells Johnny he can’t make his next jump. Johnny asks why, and Sam tells him it’s because the site belongs to the natives of the area. Sam tells Johnny that he’s going to leave him out in the desert so he can’t make the jump. As Sam tries to pull away, Johnny jumps on the back of the truck and gets on his bike.

Blaze heads into town to find a place to shack up for the night. Before he can, though, he runs into a guy who tells him he’s going to find nothing but trouble around there. He warns Johnny of a Native American who has been stirring up trouble with the locals. He calls himself Snake Dance, and no sooner does Johnny spot the guy who left him in the desert, than they are both confronted by this mysterious threat that Johnny was just told about. Both men seem to be hypnotized for a while, but then Johnny is startled by the cowboy who warned him about Snake Dance. Johnny tells the cowboy that he needs to go for a ride, and then within minutes transforms into the Ghost Rider. Immediately Ghost Rider runs right into Snake Dance, and the two square off. Ghost Rider seems to have an advantage, but then Snake Dance calls in some of his lackeys to help. Ghost Rider dispatches them with ease, but then Snake Dance starts to do some wacky chanting and snakes appear out of nowhere to attack Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider is fighting against a horde of serpents, but eventually burns them to a crisp with Hellfire. As he turns around, he witnesses Snake Dance change into a giant snake! The reptilian behemoth chases Ghost Rider (on his bike) through the canyon. Eventually Ghost Rider has to try and make an impossible jump to stay out of the clutches of this beast. In mid-air, the bike explodes and Ghost Rider is sent plummeting to the bottom of the canyon. As Johnny falls, he remembers the last few days’ events. He recalls the battle with the dead former adoptive father, Crash Simpson, in Hell. He then thinks about the love of his life, Roxanne. Meanwhile, Roxanne has arrived in town and talks to the cowboy that was warning Johnny. He tells Roxanne that Johnny was talking about going out to the canyon on his bike. She immediately heads out that way with her guide Sam Silvercloud. On the way out there, Sam tells Roxanne about the land belonging to the Apache in the area. He then tells her that Johnny is dead, but she won’t believe it. He then ties her up and takes her to Snake Dance!

After a few hours pass, Johnny wakes up at the bottom of the canyon. He hasn’t died, because Satan wants his soul so he protected him from the fall. Johnny heads back to the show and then performs his jump for the crowd. Afterward, Ghost Rider runs into Sam Silvercloud and demands he tell him where Roxanne is. After finding out her location, Ghost Rider gets to her as fast as he can. She is about to be sacrificed by Snake Dance and his flunkies. Just as one of the snakes bites her, Ghost Rider shows up and starts to lay a beating on everybody. He quickly unties Roxanne, and then turns his attention to Snake Dance. Ghost Rider unleashes a powerful blast of Hellfire that obliterates the entire grounds that Snake Dance and his followers were using. He also threatens to return if Roxanne dies to finish the job on them all!

Well, that’s all for this installment, but stay tuned, because next week will be a conclusion of Ghost Rider and the beginning of the next great Marvel Horror old school remembrance!




  1. that transformation must hurt like Hell! no pun intended lol

  2. Billy

    @Speech-LoL, yeah, I think Roxanne should be near by with a fire extinguisher.

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