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September 5, 2010

Dark Horse Reviews: Star Wars: Legacy #50

Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: John Ostrander
Artist: Jan Duursema
Cover: Sean Cook & Jan Duursema

“Extremes pt 3”: The Star Wars: Legacy series wraps up here and this issue has quite a bit going on at once. Cade Skywalker’s crew is waiting for an assassin to attempt to kill the Galactic Alliance Leader Gar Stazi. Imperial Knights along with Jedi go into the Sith stronghold in a rescue attempt of the Imperial Princess. Then we have Cade along with his former master go to Utapau to prevent another planet’s destruction at the hands of the Sith’s biological weapon. Finally, to the dismay of one Sith in particular, this issue marks the return of a Sith that has been thought dead for some time, and he’s let every Dark Side sensitive individual know that he’s back.

It’s interesting that a series that garnered so much resistance and hate from many fans even before it was released four years ago is now one of the most revered titles in the Star Wars franchise. Since this is the final issue of this series, I wondered how it was going to wrap up the various story lines established over the past few years. While we did see a few of them come to an end (in the past few issues), we are given several more at the same time. Which can only mean that for everyone who was nervous at the announcement of the series’ cancellation, that it’s not over yet and in time *cough* December *cough* we should see some of these characters return.

Ostrander has a lot of plot threads intersecting here, and I’m actually glad there isn’t a real sense of finality to several of them. It’s clear that we’ll be getting more on Cade Skywalker, the Imperial Knights, and the ongoing Sith vs. Jedi confrontation. Though I was a bit confused as to why it seemed that more of the focus was on the Imperial Knights rescuing the princess than on Cade’s attempt to save Utapau. Ostrander ended Cade’s mission on an anticlimactic note in my opinion, while taking up more of the book dealing with the Knights’ mission. While in the previous issues it seemed like the exact opposite. The rescue of the princess did stand out as one of the better parts of the book, but I would also say the reveal of the long thought dead Sith leader would be second, only because of the implications it’s going to have on the galaxy. It should be interesting to see him back at full strength with his new brand of Sith Warrior at his side.

Jan’s artwork has been consistently great with the series, and you get more of her smooth lines and great panel work in this issue here. After seeing her eye popping art for so long, it’s what’s expected and I’m so grateful for that consistency here. From the light saber duels to the calmer moments, you’re going to get quality work, though I could have tolerated at least one huge splash page of something really cool.

Now, it was almost a year ago that I reviewed my first issue of Star Wars: Legacy for, and the farthest thought from my mind at that time would be the cancellation of this series at issue #50. However, when Dark Horse made the announcement regarding just that, let’s just say that there was a cry of outrage and confusion from the fan base. Here’s hoping that the news of December’s release of Star Wars: Legacy War has softened the blow of that announcement a bit, and it’s good to know that Star Wars: Legacy ended while at the top of its run!

‘Till next time!

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    I was watching some Star Wars last night. lol

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