September 4, 2010

Ye Olde School Cafe: Essential Ghost Rider vol. 1 pt. 2

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Written by: Billy
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Welcome back to another great week here in Ye Olde School Cafe’! In this thrilling edition, we’ll dive deeper into the life of Johnny Blaze, A.K.A. Ghost Rider! We’ve seen his origin, now we’ll take a look at the fight between Johnny and Satan, for the soul of Crash Simpson! We’ll also see Ghost Rider battle the Serpent God, The Witch Woman, and rescue his lover, Roxanne, from certain peril in the coming weeks. So sit back, hang on, and enjoy the ride!

So, now that Johnny knows all about the Ghost Rider and his powers, he finds himself getting harassed by a motorcycle gang. He easily defeats their foolish attempts at violence, but then their leader seems unimpressed. Ghost Rider seems intrigued by his bravery and agrees to hang with the gang back at their pad. He then recounts the day’s events that led up to him becoming the Ghost Rider. Johnny’s new gang friend then turns to him and uses his powers of hypnotism to make Ghost Rider go to sleep. It is then revealed that Satan is behind this charade, and the gang leader then transforms into Crash Simpson upon calling his master forth. Satan then tells Crash that he’ll let his soul go in exchange for Johnny’s, but only after he removes the “barrier of love” Johnny has with Roxanne, so he can possess Johnny’s soul.

After the sun rises, Johnny wakes up to see that his new friend is gone. Shortly after leaving, Johnny runs into Roxanne, and at first the two of them embrace and make out, but then when Roxanne questions Johnny about what is going on in his life, they squabble and Roxanne leaves. Later that evening, Johnny once again changes into the flame-headed Ghost Rider and is approached by his new friend Curly Samuels. He tells GR that the other biker gang members are going to the show to abduct Roxanne. GR then wastes no time and heads over to the show to save Rocky. After some quick motorcycle tricks and a few blasts of Hellfire, GR manages to thwart the gang and also convince the crowd he’s part of the show, too. Little does he know that Curly is waiting back stage, and he then kidnaps Rocky at the behest of his master.

The next day, we see Curly attempting to kill Rocky, but he is stopped by his master and told she must be killed properly and during a sacrificial ceremony. Curly obeys and has his satanic minions take Rocky to the unholy church where she will be prepared for her sacrifice. In the meantime, Johnny wakes up and realizes he has a show to perform, but he is quickly interrupted by Rocky’s manager, Slade. Slade tells Johnny that Rocky is missing and the police are looking for her, but they can’t find her. Johnny gets furious with Slade for letting this happen, but then apologizes and tells him to keep looking for her. Johnny then waits until nightfall and assumes his fiery form again, and heads over to the little club house of the biker gang. After he beats down a few of those punks for some answers about Curly’s whereabouts, he heads over to the church where they said he might be.

Inside the church, Curly has his servants bring Rocky out and chain her to a table for the ritual. As he is chanting all of his mumbo-jumbo, he readies his knife for the killing blow. Just as he is ready to thrust the blade into Rocky, Ghost Rider bursts in and melts the blade like butter. He then puts up a wall of fire so the lackeys can’t get to him and confronts Curly. Just as he is about to give Curly a whooping, Satan appears and stops both of them. He tells them that someone must die, and GR says to take Curly instead of Rocky. Satan then gives Curly a magic blade and tells him to fight GR for the life of Roxanne. It is also then revealed to GR that Curly is actually the spirit of Crash Simpson. With Satan looking on, the two supernatural forces prepare to slay each other. One hoping to kill his own daughter with the promise of being given a second chance at life. The other fighting for the love of his life and also his own soul!

Tune in next week for the stunning conclusion to this terrifying tale of rituals and redemption. Will Roxanne be killed by her own father, or will Johnny Blaze stop Satan from owning Rocky’s soul and his own? Be here next week for the answers!

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Back when Ghost Rider was cool!

  2. Billy

    @Speech- Yeah, for sure. These days I don’t know what end is up from what I’ve read researching. I’m trying to get a hold of my boy Philli, but he’s been real busy with work and such.

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