August 20, 2010

Marvel Reviews: Amazing Spider-Man #640 “One Moment in Time”

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Written by: Aron
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The Amazing Spider-Man #640
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Joe Quesada
Artists: Joe Quesada & Palo Rivera
Cover: Palo Rivera
Variant Cover: Joe Quesada
Price: US $3.99
Release Date: August 18, 2010

***This review primarily contains NO spoilers unless you don’t know what happened in “One More Day”.***

***If that’s the case, you need to be webbed up to a street lamp in your saggy underroos and hang until your temples bulge!***

“One Moment in Time (O.M.I.T.), Part Three: Something Borrowed”

Last issue, it was MJ’s turn to tell her side of  the failed wedding and the events that followed. I told you that her story took us down a path filled with all kinds of WTF!? moments that weren’t expected to be discussed considering what was undone by Mephisto in “One More Day.”  This issue has its foot firmly planted on the gas pedal and mashes it all the way to the floor board, speeding down WTF!? Blvd. at breakneck speed! We get off the speedometer with this one; the needle is well buried in bullhockey!

I’ve been supportive of what JMS and Joe Quesada did in “One More Day” and I’ve been supportive of “One Moment in Time”…until now. Yes, the art still looks good in both current and flashback scenes. The issue is mostly Rivera’s art; there are only a couple of pages of current scenes. My main problem is the story; the writing. This is the first time I’ve been angry about a comic book I’ve reviewed. I feel that the few happy possibilities that could have come out of “One More Day” are being sealed off. It’s like Mr. Quesada put on a handlebar mustache when he wrote, twirled it, and said “JMS is gone! He’s out taking Superman for a walk. This is MY story now! MUAHAHAHAHA! I know we said this happened, but you know what? This happened too! And then this happened!”

More expensive variant cover than the one below.

Variant cover

Before I get too upset, I’m going to wait and see what goes down in the finale. I’m hoping that my support and enthusiasm I’ve had up until now doesn’t get let down.

Click here for a review of “O.M.I.T.” part 1, and here for part 2!

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Aron White



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    I haven’t read a Spidey book in years…and I don’t plan to anytime soon. That is all.

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    There is a mistake on which cover is the more expensive. The Quesada variant is $20 and the white cover is $3.99.

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