August 20, 2010

Archaia Entertianment Previews: “Moon Lake” Horror Anthology HC!

This October our friends at Archaia Entertainment are publishing a hardcover horror anthology entitled Moon Lake. The collection contains 7 different creative teams and 7 original horror stories of various genres and time periods!

The 7 stories in the collection include:

Dan Fogler (W), Brooke Allen (A)
“An Alfred Hitchcock-like demonic creature serves as the narrator of the collection of stories in the book.”

Tim Seeley (W), Robbi Rodriguez (A)
“A group of randy camp counselors has a close encounter of the Sasquatch kind.”

R.H. Stavis (W), Jeffrey Zornow (A)
“A peppy cheerleader has the worst day of her life, transforming her into a manic mass murderer.”

Brian Holguin (W), Tommy Castillo (A)
“A prehistoric adventure following the exploits of Cave Girl and her pack of zombie dinosaurs.”

Nick Tapalansky (W), Alex Eckman-Lawn (A)
“A Houdini-like escape artist performs one last, fatal stunt in the depths of Moon Lake.”

Blake Leibel (W), Josh Finney + Kat Rocha (A)
Evoking 1950s sci-fi B movies, a group of soldiers in high tech gear battle dozens of Godzilla-like creatures on the dark side of the moon.”

Stef Hutchinson (W), Jim Daly (A)
A spoof of the documentary “Grizzy Man,” in which a man goes into the wild to commune with grizzly bears- but with different results.”

The good people at Archaia provided us with a preview of Moon Lake, the short story “Black Bear Blues” in its entirety!

Pretty crazy!

I’m really looking forward to this collection. I may not be a big horror guy (that’s Decapitated Dan’s department), but Archaia always puts out quality material, and after reading this short, I don’t see why Moon Lake would be any different. From the story telling to the art to the actual presentation of the hardcovers themselves, Archaia knows what’s important in a market saturated with sub-par comics, and they deliver. Books like Days Missing, Titanium Rain, The Killer, Syndrome, and Secret History (stay tuned for a review!) are all mind blowing and unique experiences for any adult comic book fan to enjoy.

So come this October, tap into your horrific indy side and give Moon Lake a whirl!

Andy Liegl



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  2. Billy

    This does sound pretty good. “randy camp counselors” lol

  3. Decapitated Dan

    Aww yeah! This books is going to rock all over your A’s and up some of your B’s and the do that funky stuff with the C’s! WHOOP WHOOP!

  4. Glad this wasn’t the bear I ran into a few weeks back lol

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