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August 19, 2010

Dark Horse Reviews: Hellcyon #3

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Written by: Drew
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Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer/ Artist: Lucas Marangon

Chinese Fortune says: Little Acorns Lead To Be Oak. However, unlike Chinese food, Hellcyon won’t give you indigestion or the shits, you’ll just really like what you read.

As in the standard set by the first and second issue, issue three of Hellcyon, which Dark Horse released on the stands this week, continues the trend of ass-kicking, giant-robot piloting action. Writer/Artist Lucas Marangon continues to rock his mini-series hard, with stellar writing and exciting art work. The story in this issue follows our five young fugitives as they are hiding out in the colony and get into a huge robot battle, which page after page is non-stop amazing. Marangon has a gift for drawing giant-robot battle scenes, that flow across the pages flawlessly, making us want more.

The story honestly doesn’t get deeper than that in this issue, but Marangon leaves us with a great set-up for the final issue of the mini-series.

As said in reviews before, Hellcyon is a great action series that will appeal to fans of Macross, Gundam, and more. Pick it up on stands now!

Drew McCabe



  1. Was this an animated show at some point? Something about the name and story just seems familiar to me.

  2. Billy

    The artwork looks very “cartoony” Speech.

  3. drew

    Its an original by Marangon, however it echoes soooooo many robot cartoons that I loose count. This isn’t a bad thing thought because it’s done right.

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