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August 14, 2010

Gotta Have It! Figure Edition: Imaginext: DC Super Friends: Penguin


…a world of action and excitement where you decide what happens next!  Sword fights, jungle safaris, daring rescues and more.  Whatever world you travel to, it’s a whole new adventure every time you play!

Hi there!  Welcome to another exciting installment of Gotta Have It! Figure Edition!  This week, we’re going to take another look at one of Fisher-Price’s Imaginext: DC Super Friends line!  Get ready, Comic Attackers!  Let’s all put our flippers together and give a big, warm WEH! WEH! WEH! to…The Penguin!

Product Line: Imaginext: DC Super Friends
Company: Fisher-Price
Released: December 2009
Packaging: Blister Card Packaging
Where to Buy: Pretty much any retail store with a toy department.
Price: US $3.99 (Target Exclusive) (Although, I’ve seen them discounted since purchasing this one.)
Points of Articulation: 5
Height: 2 3/4 inches

Paint Job: This plump Penguin is made of black plastic.  His shirt, gloves, and monocle are painted white.  On the right glove, it is painted too high and gets on the black sleeve.  On the left glove, it is not painted enough and makes it look like the tailor jacked up his jacket.  The top of his shirt is painted too thin and you can see the black plastic beneath.  Penguin has a purple bow tie which bleeds a little bit on the white shirt, and a purple band on his top hat that is painted perfectly.  His face is a flesh colored plastic with gray eyebrows and hair painted on.  I expected to see his monocle jacked up, but it is not.  The pants are a purple plastic with panted gray and white shoes.  The gray shoes are painted too high on the legs, and the whites on the shoes are also painted too thin.  Not really a good paint job for something that is mostly colored plastic.

"Hey! WEH! WEH! What're you lookin' at? WEH!"

Durability: This Penguin action figure is thoroughly solid.  If he’s really hollow, they do a good job of faking solid.  There is no fear of breaking him when you move his arms and legs.  Quit twisting on that head!  I know it budges, but it isn’t meant to be twisted.  He’s got a peg hole in each of his shoe heels.  Notice I didn’t say “boot heels”?  That’s right.  Penguin has class and style!  Who doesn’t like a bad guy in a tux and a top hat?  Missing, but understandably so, is his cigarette in its elegant holder.  He also has peg holes in the back of his shoulders, too.  Don’t ask me why.  I said, don’t ask me!

Poseability: Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot can move his arms around and out, at his shoulder sockets.  His legs can move forward and backward only slightly.  Moving them to the rear would be impeded by his coat tails, and because of his coat tails, he would sit funny if he were able to fully bend his legs in front of him.  Not a lot of poseability, but there’s not really a lot expected.

Accessories: The Penguin comes with…penguins!  They’re really not all that cute looking, but they aren’t near as menacing looking as the penguins that came with the Danny DeVito Penguin.  Remember those?  They had rockets strapped to their backs!  Shhhhh!  Don’t tell PETA.  They’d have a cow!  And then they would love it, pet it, name it, clothe it, and give it a home.  One penguin is standing at attention.  The other penguin is doing a penguin belly slide.  He can, too.  I’m serious!  He’s got a wheel on his belly!

What’s Awesome: Fun adventures like THIS:

"Give it up, Penguin. Your goose is cooked!"

"WEH! Never! Get 'im, boys! WEH! WEH! WEH!"

"Take THAT, Boy Blunder! WEH! WEH! WEH! WEH! WEH!"

"WEEEEEEEEEEEEH! Curses, Batman! You caught me red flippered!"

What Sucks: Considering the target audience, I would have to say there’s nothing sucky about this Penguin action figure other than the paint job.  It wasn’t meant to be an artsy fartsy piece like Azrael or Nightwing.  It’s for the little fanboy (or fangirl).  The Imaginext: DC Super Friends are right up their alley!

Overall: 4 out of 5.  I give this Penguin action figure four flippers up.  Target sells these figures exclusively as individual pieces.  They don’t come with crazy vehicles or gimmick contraptions.  Right now, they are discounted so they are most likely on their way out of the store.  They are perfect for the little fanboy (or fangirl) in your life, and they are perfect for your collection if you’re a die hard fan of any of the DC Super Friends characters.  For adults, they are a novelty piece for your shelf that you probably don’t have.  At 2 3/4 inches, they aren’t going to take up a lot of room or collect as much dust.  Fisher-Price’s Imaginext: DC Super Friends Penguin…gotta have it?  Get in your whoever-you-are-mobile and go snag these before they are gone!

"Hi, I'm Larry. This's my brother, Darryl and this's my other brother, Darryl."

Aron White



  1. Billy

    Great stuff man. My kids used to love Imaginext a few years ago.

  2. Aron

    Thank you, sir! I can see why! They are fun!

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