August 31, 2010

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 8/25/2010

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Written by: DecapitatedDan
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Welcome to Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews! Here you can find out what we at thought of this past week’s new books in 140 characters or less! Make sure to come back each week to see what we have to say about the latest comics!

Action Comics #892 (DC)
Deathstroke vs. Luthor! Lex comes one step closer to finding those Black Rings…
Who needs Superman in this book when you’ve got Lex, Deathstoke and Grodd!!

Astonishing X-Men #35 (Marvel)
Warren Ellis’ run on the series comes to an end. A well written, if not abrupt, issue.
So that was it? Seemed like a pretty rushed &  simple conclusion to a story that could have been cut in half.
Nick: So the X-Men face off against….a physically deformed 60 year old man. Really?

Avengers #4 (Marvel)
Andy: Thor kicked some ass…that’s about it.
Aron: Wow. What’s that smell? It’s this book. It just totally turned to CRAP in my hands. I’m disappointed. Maybe I need to switch back to NEW AVENGERS.

Batman #702 (DC)
Andy: My humble request to DC: When Morrison’s run on Batman is over, PLEASE collect everything he wrote in sequential reading order so I can figure out what the F is going on.
Arnab: With every question that gets answered a couple more pop up. Excellent stuff.
Aron: What the hell!? Just get this sci-fi crap out of my Batman comic already! DAMMIT!
Dale: Morrison fills in more of the story of what happened between R.I.P. and Infinity Crisis. Yawn… Oh sorry must of drifted off there.

Black Widow #5 (Marvel)
Andy: Um, did Widow just attack that guy with a brain in a glass jar? That’s awesome! Plus, nudity!

Captain America #609 (Marvel)
Andy: Ok, what’s Zemo’s end game here? Where is this headed? Stuff doesn’t look good for Bucky…
Aron: This is a great story arc. And Butch Guice’s old school style art is effing amazing! I hope he stays on the book for a long time!

Dark Wolverine #90 (Marvel)
Andy: Meh. Reminiscent of the ending to Wolverine Origins #50. I hope Daken’s character gets something going for him in his new series.

Detective Comics #868 (DC)
Andy: This story arc is great! I’m loving the alternate take on Joker Gas!
Aron: Holy Packed for Value, Batman! You get enough story for the $3.99 pricetag! Nice! It’s like the Animated Series only a pinch darker! Dig it!

Dracula: The Company of Monsters #1 (BOOM!)
Aron: This didn’t melt my face off but it’s going somewhere. I’m gonna find out where.
Decapitated Dan:
ZZZzzzzzzzz…. wake me when something is going to happen.

Fantastic Four #582 (Marvel)
Andy: Hickman is the man; his F4 run so far has been nothing short of great. I want more stories starring future Val and Franklin!

Gotham City Sirens #15 (DC)
Andy: Talk about a story line with potential going nowhere. Why the abrupt ending?
Arnab: A bit more of the sisterhood is exactly what this title needs.
Nick: Remember how cool this book was when it started, what happened?

Green Arrow #3 (DC)
I’m lost.
Galahad? What is this, King Arthur’s round table? Getting shot in the head is no walk in the park for Ollie.
Dale: While I’m really enjoying the new series, I’m confused with the addition of Galahad. Is this Robin Hood being retold or King Arthur?

Guarding The Globe #1 (Image)
Nick: A good start, seems like this is going to be a fun ride. The Guardian Gags was hilarious!

Invincible #74 (Image)
Decapitated Dan: Still loving the action in this one. Glad to see Mark back kicking ass!

Justice League of America #48 (DC)
Andy: Words, words, too many damn words!!
Dale: Nice finish to the Xover, but not near as good an overall story as the JLA/JSA meetings of old.

Justice League: Generation Lost #8 (DC)
Andy: This series may be the best one waving a “Brightest Day” banner…yet nobody’s reading it. WTF.

Legion of Super Heroes #4 (DC)
Dale: A great wrap up to the Ranzz twins abduction, while adding new levels to Earthman’s story.

Priest Purgatory #1 (Tokyopop)
Andy: Woah! Surprisingly/Unexpectedly really good! Step aside Pope Benedict, Priest Purgatory’s in town!

Scalped #40 (Vertigo)
Andy: Damn you Jason Aaron! You are putting these characters through hell and I’m loving every page!!

Shadowland: Moon Knight #1 (Marvel)
Aron: I love Moon Knight and Hurwitz’s run was awesome, but this series is POINTLESS!

Star Wars Blood Ties #1 (Dark Horse)
Andy: SO GOOD! Chris Scalf’s art is siiiiiick!! Boba Fett’s the man!!

Star Wars Legacy #50 (Dark Horse)
The war drums beat loudly. Glad to hear Legacy isn’t over yet…

Superman/Batman #75 (DC)
Andy: Couldn’t finish the opening story. The rest was hit or miss. By the end of it all I’m left with one thought: Give me more Damian and Conner stories set in the future!
Dale: A decent Legion story to begin the book, but the 2 page tributes were a waste. This wasn’t some major anniversary of a character, it’s issue 75 of a team-up book that is typically out of continuity.
Nick: This one is worth it just for the extras. Joker and Lex as Calvin and Hobbes…’nuff said!

Superman: Secret Origin #6 (DC)
Finally. Great story, shame it took a year for the story to finish though.

Teen Titans #86 (DC)
Andy: What the F? Seriously, is it time for J.T. Krul and Nicola Scott to take over?

Terry Moore’s Echo #24 (Abstract Studios)
Andy: Finally, we’re over the weird hump and things are getting exciting again! Oh, and Ivy is so hot.

Thor #613 (Marvel)
Andy: The art is awesome, but the story seems a bit too ‘high stakes’ to immediately follow “Siege.”

Time Masters: Vanishing Point #2 (DC)
Skimmed through it and when I didn’t see Batman, put it down. I like the costume of that new chick though. Wowza!
Not much searching going on in this issue but there was a great deal of time travel rule breaking going on.

Usagi Yojimbo #131 (Dark Horse)
Aron: PACKED from cover to cover with no ads. Only ACTION! HIIIIIIYA! What other comic gives you that?

Wonder Woman #602 (DC)
Andy: Ok, I’m off this ride. Sorry JMS, I’m digging your Superman but not this.

X-Campus #3 (Marvel)
Andy: Not too shabby for what it’s trying to do. Is it $4.99 worthy? I’m not sure, but it is enjoyable!

X-Factor #208 (Marvel)
Andy: Rahne, pregnant women shouldn’t be jumping out windows, attacking people. Just sayin’.
Arnab: It would appear that Rahne’s pregnancy hormones are making an appearance.
Jeff: Rahne’s got a secret!!!!
Nick: I am so loving the Jerry Springer worthy love triangle going on here.

X-Men: Curse of the Mutants: Blade #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Don’t skip this one X-fans! It’s full of kick assery! Plus it nicely bridges the gap between The Death of Dracula one-shot and when Blade shows up in X-Men #2.
Arnab: A nice one shot filling in some blanks and explaining why Blade’s around in X-Men #2.

X-Men Curse of the Mutants: Storm + Gambit #1 (Marvel)
Andy: I will never get tired of hearing Gambit call Storm, “Stormy.” Loved this one-shot.

Great one shot pairing up the two again. Janus makes an appearance. Great touch having the holier-than-thou Storm slaughter some innocents.
I love Bachalo drawing X-Men, even if this issue looked extremely rushed.

X-Men Forever 2 #6 (Marvel)
Andy: Someone phone the Governor! I actually enjoyed this issue! I blame the Starjammers.

X-Men: Legacy #239 (Marvel)
Andy: Mike Carey can always write Magneto and Rogue as far as I’m concerned.
Arnab: Decent, though not the best arc.
Jeff: The art in the book is so bland…I think I would like the story if I wasn’t so bored.

Andy Liegl
Arnab Pradhan
Aron White
Dale Workman
Decapitated Dan
Jeff Jackson
Nick Zamora



  1. Eli

    I didn’t mind the look back in Batman 702, we can use all the help we can get to figure out exactly what in the world Morrison is doing with all of this.

    Invincible picked up again, which was fun. Looking forward to more of that next month now that everybody is healed and back in the thick of it. Thanks again to Dan for turning me onto this book.

  2. DecapitatedDan

    Well Eli I want you to know that while it is really good now, it had a long rough patch, IMO, if I recall, I liked the trades 1-5 then it started to slow down and I would check in every now and then. But this arc has some great action so it’s looking good so far.

  3. Billy

    I really enjoyed the Storm and Gambit X-book. The Dracula (Boom) book was decent but as Dan said, nothing too wow anybody (which is a little scary for a #1 issue-they usally throw out “A” material for that one). I’m getting tired of the over-the-top gay stuff with X-Factor though. I mean, it’s one thing to say they’re gay, but to have people walking in on a sex act is truly just pushing the issue. I mean, do we really need to see a zipper down on a pair of pants? C’mon people, get a grip. What’s next, Rictor and Shatty going on a date to a George MIchael concert in pink hot-pants?

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