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August 8, 2010

Marvel Snapshot: Character Spotlight: Baron Zemo

Hello faithful, and welcome to another installment of Marvel Snapshot. I’d like to take this time to thank Aron for his fantastic job filling in last week while I was on vacation. Hit Monkey was a really cool character to do the article on. Now on to business at hand.

In this week’s character spotlight, we’ll find out just what makes Baron Zemo tick. Yes, that’s right people, he’s back and he is tearing it up with a devious plot against Bucky (Cap #606-608)! If you know anything about Bucky, you’d better be ready for some fireworks!

Alright, so, Bucky and Cap were the two biggest icons of WWII hands down, but after the war was over, Bucky was thought to be dead from falling off a rocket just like Cap, but his body was never found. The rocket was fired by a man named Baron Heinrich Zemo. He was the father of the man that now also carries that name. The Baron Zemo that in his time, has charged the gates of Avengers Mansion, and nearly taken over the world as the leader of the Thunderbolts. His evil Nazi nature cannot be held at bay for long, and he has most recently set his sights on shaming, then killing the current Captain America, Bucky Barnes.

Baron Helmut Zemo was the son of a Nazi scientist that served The Red Skull. Yeah, and you think your childhood was bad. He grew up and followed right in his father’s footsteps and became a brilliant scientist and strategist. He wanted to kill Captain America, because he believed that Cap killed his father. In reality though, an errant shot by Zemo caused a landslide that killed him, not Cap. Zemo found this out at the end of the Avengers story line Under Siege. Captain America told him of how his father basically killed himself, but Zemo wouldn’t believe it. After that escapade, Zemo later plotted to start another Masters of Evil, but instead thought of using a group to dupe the public into thinking they were heroes instead of villains. This group was called the Thunderbolts. Zemo and his group came into being after the Avengers disappeared following the Onslaught story.

The Thunderbolts were accepted by all after doing the usual heroic deeds, but Zemo still plotted a world wide takeover. He was stopped by his own team, because they actually liked the fact that the public had accepted them instead of being hounded all the time by the Avengers. This sent Zemo into a tale-spin, one which ended ultimately with him being beheaded by Scourge (Nomad). Zemo had a fail-safe built into a robot named Techno that transferred his consciousness into a computer upon death. Eventually, Zemo got back with the Thunderbolts, and when they were on a mission against Graviton, they were all teleported to Counter-Earth. While there, Zemo wanted to enslave and rule the people, but the other T-bolts wanted to help them instead.

Eventually, after some wacky cosmic adventure with the Young Allies, the T-bolts were zapped back to Earth. While they were gone though, a new team had been put together with Hawkeye and Songbird in charge. Hawkeye saw that Zemo had changed, and left the team with him in charge. Zemo then created the Liberator. It was a device that drained abnormal energy, and Zemo thought it would help the world become a safer place. It was working, but the Avengers didn’t trust Zemo, so they confronted him. A huge brawl broke out and Moonstone ended up siphoning off the stored energy from the device. It took the combined efforts of both teams to stop her. In the end, Moonstone fired a blast at Captain America, but Zemo jumped in front of it to save him. This left him horribly disfigured. Zemo, amongst the confusion, grabbed the two moonstones that the Avengers took from Moonstone, and teleported away shouting about how the Avengers ruined his dream.

Currently, Zemo is back to wearing his hood and plotting to not only embarrass Captain America (Bucky), but slay him in the end. The last two issues of Captain America have been pretty good, so get out there and pick them up!

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Billy Dunleavy



  1. Ah, for some reason, I rather like Zemo. But I didn’t know he made the Thunderbolts. I passed over that title when it began.

  2. Eli

    I never gave Zemo a second thought, but he’s pretty interesting guy. So, we’ve got him going after Bucky, and Red Skull going after Steve. Ahhh… just like old times.

  3. Zemo has always seemed like a nut job to me though since Civil War he’s actually been kind of an interesting character even though it is the son of the original Baron Zemo. Or did Marvel retcon that at some point? lol

  4. Aron

    Thanks, Billy!
    Zemo is cool. I like his costume and I’ve been enjoying the recent Cap storyline.
    Hahaha! You showed some Liefeld! His Cap and Zemo are gross! I just threw up in my mouth…a little bit…

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  6. Zemo has always been a fave of mine, ever since his first appearance as “The Phoenix”!

  7. Billy

    @Kris- The Avengers/ Thunderbolts book was very good.
    @Eli- Can’t go wrong with those two as villains.
    @Speech- He’s still Zemo Jr. lol
    @Aron- I knew someone would catch that and get a good laugh.
    @Everybody- The reason I like Zemo so much (and Red Skull too), is because they make a great villain, but in the end, Who doesn’t like to see a Nazi get his teeth kicked in? 😀

  8. That Cap could run next to Mitch and Hobie on Baywatch! In slow motion!

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