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August 5, 2010

Dark Horse Reviews: Magnus, Robot Fighter #1

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Jim Shooter
Artist: Bill Reinhold

This is what we love about comics: non-stop, kick-ass action.

You won’t be able to put this title down if you pick it up. You’re going to open it up and tear through page after page, until you hit the end of the story (and then you’ll read the back-up story, which is a reprint of a classic Magnus story, because you’ll long for more). I liked the Dr. Solar, Man of the Atom revival Dark Horse rolled out with a few weeks back; I liked it a lot-a lot. I even raved about it in this review right here. However,¬†Magnus, Robot Fighter I don’t just like-like. I love! If comparing¬†Magnus to the Dr. Solar revival, Dr.Solar is like that fun drunk at a party, who amused you for a little bit and throws up on himself at the end of the night, where Magnus threw the awesome party and you’re going to come back again and again.

SO WHY IS IT LEAGUES BETTER YOU MAY ASK??????? Simple: It feels exactly how other Magnus comics feel. Dr. Solar is a fantastic revival and was an awesome ride, but doesn’t feel like other Dr.Solar titles, it feels like its own thing. Magnus on the other hand feels at home. Nothing has changed. We are thrown into Magnus going ape-shit crazy tearing apart robots, and when he gets done we get a little character story, then more non-stop, ape-shit, robot destroying action.

The art work by Reinhold is great. It doesn’t feel super sleek like a lot of ¬†modern art, it feels like early 1990s art, and that is part of the reason why this feels more appropriate in tone and in direct line with the other Magnus comics. It was as if we just picked up the next issue and got a direct continuation from years ago, instead of some revision in terms of art style. His action is fun and kick-ass, his robots are a great combination of old fashion style and more modern Tron-esque inspiration. The writing is also great on Magnus by Shooter (who is also writing the current Dr.Solar title). He has given us a classic-feeling Magnus action story, and that’s really all you want with a title like this.

So seriously, put down what you’re doing, shit, quit your job if you have to, and get to your local shop and pick up the first issue of Dark Horse’s Magnus, The Robot Fighter, out yesterday!

Be sure to check out our interview with Jim Shooter as he talks about this series, Dr. Solar, and more!

Drew McCabe



  1. drew

    This title rocks! I’d punch a small baby whose holding a puppy, right in the face, without guilt, for this title.

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  3. Billy

    I REALLY wanted to get this title, but just don’t have the extra coin right now…*sigh*.

  4. I could never get into the Magnus titles back when Valiant relaunched them and I even read a few of the older ones and just passed on it. I haven’t checked out the new series and the only one I’m really looking forward to is Turok!!!

    Though I will say that Raymond Swanland cover of Magnus #1 is NICE!

  5. Eli

    I loved this first issue. I’d never heard of Magnus until Jim Shooter was interviewed on this site, and I am glad he was.

    Speech, you’re right about that cover, just awesome, but the book is pretty good as well.

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