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August 10, 2010

Marvel Reviews: DoomWar #6

Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Jonathan Maberry
Artist: Scot Eaton
Cover: John Romita Jr.

“DoomWar pt. 6”: When you’re reading one of the best written and drawn stories in the past several months, the hardest thing to do is to see it end. DoomWar #6 concludes what has been a serious awakening not only for T’Challa and his sister, the current Black Panther Shuri, but for the nation of Wakanda itself, as Dr. Doom has pulled off what no one has been able to in centuries. He brought Wakanda to the brink of destruction.

After obtaining his prize, Dr. Doom sets his plan into motion, and the result is world wide chaos and destruction. That he is now able to control and manipulate all of the vibranium on the planet has caused the majority of the superhero community to respond, and when T’Challa calls for help there is none that can be spared. So the only allies available are the ones that have been gathered up until now. With nothing else to lose, T’Challa calls Doom out, and after trying to appeal to the man inside of the armor, his attempts are rebuffed and Doom orders that his armies kill them all. This battle forces T’Challa to play his last and final card, one that could and will have severe consequences for a great part of the Marvel Universe.

This series has far exceeded my expectations due to Maberry’s depiction of T’Challa and Dr. Doom in this intellectual chess game that has elevated both characters to another level. Forcing us to look at each one a bit differently, as we saw an “evil” man do more evil to ultimately achieve good for the world as how he viewed it. We also saw a “good” man cross several ethical lines to accomplish a greater good and to protect the ones that he loves. This wasn’t the only twist in the story, as several events in the last few issues have made for great unexpected moments that have helped push this story along and kept it from being predictable. Add to this the skill of Scot Eaton, who gave fans page after page of great visual artwork to look at, and DoomWar deserves all of the praise that it gets.

I stated a few months back during the beginning of this series that DoomWar is NOT to be slept on, and that Maberry and Eaton were doing something great here. I do feel like it got lost in the shuffle of the other cross overs going on that were (over) hyped with a bit more advertising muscle than DoomWar received. Hopefully in October when the hardcover is released a lot more people will have the chance to experience this series and see how great Black Panther can be when put in capable hands. I’m also of the mind that since Reggie Hudlin’s Who Is the Black Panther is now an animated series, maybe the next Black Panther animated venture Marvel takes on should be a DoomWar movie!

I see DoomWar in a different light now after interviewing Jonathan Maberry, and some things have become a bit clearer as well. The entire series has been what a good, solid story should be, and if you look a bit beyond the great eye candy provided by Scot Eaton, you’ll agree that this is one of the best Black Panther stories ever told. Hell, it’s one of the best Marvel stories ever told!

Infinite Speech



  1. Eli

    I loved this series, all except for the ending. Aside from that, I totally agree with you Speech, this was fantastic. I love Doom, and this was a great look at him. I must admit that I’ve never been a big Black Panther fan, but this story made T’Challa way more interesting.

  2. I thought that ending took some balls man and I’m sure that there are going to be a LOT of people that will be pissed at T’Challa for what he did. I thought it was also funny that Hank Pym of all people were lecturing T’Challa about his credibility. Really? Pym? lol

  3. I loved the ending.

    Didn’t see it coming and it totally fit within the parameters of the story.

    T’Challa is the shit!

  4. Aron

    When’s the TPB slated for release? I’m standing in line!

  5. Hardcover comes out in October from what I read in Previews. It’s a FREAKIN’ HARDCOVER which always brings a bit of extra sexy to the book shelf!

  6. Sounds awesome! I’ll be picking this one up as a TPB

  7. Thanks for that solid review. Glad you enjoyed the series.

    T’Challa has always been one of my favorite characters–a role model of ethics and honor for me as a kid. Doom was another favorite of mine, so having the opportunity to have them in the same series was a real gift.

    I know some folks wanted a Doom smackdown at the end, but that’s not consistant with the complex way in which modern politics plays out. Often, if we can’t totally defeat the bad guy then it’s on us to rise above him. That’s what we did with DoomWar, and I’m glad so many readers caught that wave and rode it with us.

    One quick thing…for those who wonder how the ending affects things like Captain America’s shield…it doesn’t. I imagine other writers will explore the effects it DOES have on the Marvel Universe, however.


  8. Let it be known: Jonathan Maberry is the man.

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  10. Eli

    Yeah, I wasn’t too thrilled with the ending, but I get what you’re saying about it Jonathan. I can appreciate that.

    This has been my favorite Doom story in a while. I really liked that whole bit with the Panther god allowing Doom to have the vibranium.

    And yes Andy, Jonathan Maberry is the man!

  11. Billy

    Great book and surprise ending!

  12. You actually beat me to it Jonathan, I was thinking about Cap’s shield immediately but I’m seriously interested in the fall out of the what happened because he basically crippled the entire world in a sense and now we’ll have to see how they get along without it. hmmmm…could vibranium = oil? There are sooo many levels to this story.

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