July 29, 2010

My First San Diego Comic Con part 5: Cosplay Group B

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Written by: Andy
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Welcome back to My First San Diego Comic Con, where all this week I’ve been recapping my experience of this year’s biggest geek convention in the world. To date, we’ve had the joyous experience of waiting in line, attending a signing with X-Men scribe Chris Claremont, walking around the Con floor meeting a bunch of cool people (including a 2nd generation Power Ranger!), and looking at our first batch of Cosplayers. Today, we take a look at our second array of Cosplayers, Group B!

I was only at SDCC on Friday, but in that time I encountered a plethora of Cosplayers dressed as their favorite characters, and all were willing to be photographed for fame and glory here on We have one more grouping to publish later this week, but today be sure to vote on your favorites from Group B in the poll! The Top 4 Cosplayers from each of the three groups (A, B, and C) will be featured in the Top 12 Cosplayers of SDCC 2010 poll which will go live on Sunday. Whoever the top 2 vote getters are in that grouping will win their selection of T-Shirts from (details below), so be sure to voice your opinion on who you think has the best costume!

I’m not going to pretend like I know who all these Cosplayers are supposed to be, but I’ll try my best. To keep things simple, each Cosplayer is assigned a number you can find in the poll below. I apologize in advance for some of the blurry pictures- that Con floor was packed with people. So get voting!

1. Poison Ivy

2. Wonder Woman

3. Batman and friends need beer!

4. Harry Potter

5. Margarita Guy and Girl Scout

6. Deadpool

7. Robin

8. Wonder Woman with a big ass sword

9. The Summers Family

10. Zatanna

11. Captain America

12. Poison Ivy and Scarecrow

13. Black Canary

14. Red Sonja

15. Zangief

16. Storm and Whiplash

17. Vampirella

18. Vampirella and Skull Guy

19. Sailor Moon Ladies

20. Steampunk Chick

21. Chun-Li and the girl from Darkstalkers

22. Psylocke and Gambit

23. Superman and Wonder Woman

Now it’s time to vote on your favorites! Remember, the Top 4 vote getters from this batch move on to compete in the Top 12 Cosplayers of SDCC poll to be published on Sunday (prize information below). So get voting and spread the word!

Prizes for this contest are sponsored by For a selection of t-shirts available, please visit the Super Hero T-Shirts section of their site. Styles and sizes are only available as listed. Winners will be required to forward their names and addresses to before being able to claim their prize.

That’s all for now, but be sure to check in tomorrow as we continue our tour across the Con floor and meet the good folks from Top Cow, Kevin Eastman, and more! Also, be sure to look for Cosplay group C later on this week.

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Andy Liegl



  1. Uh…wow…I can’t believe Vampirella chick didn’t get kicked out of the con for dressing inappropriately. That’s really pushing it.

  2. Well, to her credit she did dress like the character. So, you know…

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  4. The Angery Comic Critic

    I think chills ran up my spine when I saw that dude (at least it looks like a dude not entirely sure) dressed as wonder woman with the sword creepy as all hell and as for the Vampirella chick I think Nathan Lane put it best when he said “Even though we’re sitting down we’re giving you a standing ovation.” and I think we can guess whats holding up the skull in the skull guy’s photo with Vampirella

  5. Aron

    Man, that’s Lady Deadpool.

    Gotta give it to the Darkstalkers chick (props, duh!) for her costume. Check out the eyes!

  6. Hudson

    If Zangief can stay, Vampirella can stay. Although I suppose the ladies got the short end of the stick in that comparison.

  7. this is just great! lol I agree with Aron though the chick as Lilith is damn near perfect along with the Whiplash guy too!

  8. drew

    the japanese chick dressed as Morgan from Darkstalkers is my fav, hands down

  9. Billy

    Sailor Moon chicks +1.

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  11. […] vote for your favorites in the poll below! The Top 4 Cosplayers from each of the three groups (A, B, and C) will be featured in the Top 12 Cosplayers of SDCC 2010 poll which will go live on Sunday. […]

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