July 27, 2010

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 07/21/10

I’ve got another batch of DC reviews for you. This week we’ve got the start of a new mini-series, the sequel to a past event, a continuation of a great series, and part two from another mini-series. Enjoy.

Minor spoilers ahead!

Batman: Streets of Gotham #14
Writer(s): Paul Dini co-feat. Ivan Brandon
Artist(s): Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs, co-feat. Ramon Bachs and John Lucas
Cover Artist: Dustin Nguyen
Publisher: DC

This issue is special for a number of reasons. The first is that it starts off the sequel to Heart of Hush. Dr. Thomas Elliot has been running around Gotham City in the guise of Bruce Wayne ever since Bruce’s apparent death, although he has been under the watchful eye of Alfred and Batman’s trusted friends. With this issue, it would appear that Hush is finally ready to take action. One of the more interesting scenes in the book is a flashback to one of the first times Dr. Thomas Wayne meets his future wife Martha. The flashback depicts both characters in a different manner than they are usually depicted, which I think makes them all the more interesting. The issue also introduces two villains into the mix, one new and one old, that happens to tie things in with the previous second feature, Manhunter. At only twelve pages long, the issue is barely able to develop a substantial story, although the art remains a great asset to the series. 3/5

The second feature, which took up the bulk of this entire issue, switched from the previous second feature, “Manhunter,” to now focusing on Two-Face. It would appear that Federal law enforcement has finally started noticing Two-Face and is looking to take him in. The second feature is done well, capturing the interplay between Two-Face’s different personalities, as well as incorporating a pretty good story line. 3/5

Batman Beyond #2
Writer: Adam Beechen
Artist: John Stanisci
Cover Artist: Dustin Nguyen
Publisher: DC

There have been a spree of killings related to the Batman, each killing a mimic of one of Batman’s old foes. While the culprit remains to be revealed, including to the readers, we are led to believe that the villain is Hush. Old man Bruce explains that he had thought Thomas Elliot, aka Hush, to have died years ago, though he had always had a sinking feeling he was wrong. Regardless of whether or not the villain turns out to be Hush, though I’m hoping it is not, this issue was pretty good. The book reads almost exactly like an episode from the old animated series. The writing is done well and the art certainly goes with the feel of the series. The scene between Terry and the future Catwoman was good stuff, it had some action, humor, and a touch of wit. The showdown between the masked villain and Terry looks to be a good one in the next issue. 3/5

Brightest Day #6
Writer(s): Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi
Artist(s): Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason, Ardian Syaf, Scott Clark, and Joe Prado
Cover Artist: David Finch and Scott Williams
Publisher: DC

The initial dilemma of each story having fewer pages per issue is no longer a problem, as each of the recent issues have focused on fewer plots, giving each story more face time. This issue primarily focuses around Martian Manhunter, who is on the hunt for a killer. He also learns, like many of his fellow reborn, that he’s not alive in the same way he used to be, as nature slowly dies in his presence, except for a unique squirrel. Meanwhile, the big cliffhanger from the last issue comes to a resolve as Mera explains how she was sent to kill the King of Atlantis. She explains how her people were trapped in what we know as the Bermuda Triangle, that she was raised to be assassin the Atlantean King, and how her sister had come to finish the job she had failed to accomplish. While the Firestorm portion of the story was pretty much for entertainment purposes, it did finally get established that both Jason and Ronnie realize there is a third voice in their mental link. Boston Brand, who has been attempting to resurrect the fallen Hawk, Holly Granger, came to realize that his powers as a White Lantern will not activate using the same methods as other lanterns. Much like the last issue, this issue ends in a cliffhanger as well; just what has happened to Miss Martian? With each issue, not only are each of the stories developing more, but the organization of the stories is getting handled better as well. The Martian Manhunter and Aquaman portions of the issue were handled very well, and both of their stories leaped forward, while Brand’s and Firestorm’s stories had little growth. 4/5

Time Masters: Vanishing Point #1
Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist(s): Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund
Cover Artist(s): Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund
Publisher: DC

For those of you reading Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, this mini-series looks like it will be a great tie-in. The series starts off with a kid Rip Hunter learning from his father the rules of time travel. We then flash forward a couple of years to the present, where Rip Hunter has gathered a group of heroes in order to retrieve Bruce Wayne, who is lost in time. Although he only wants Booster Gold’s help, he brings along Superman and Green Lantern Hal Jordan because he is afraid they will screw things up. There is a bit of recap from Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, namely that the Vanishing Point is no longer there. Overall I though that this was a pretty good issue, definitely a good start to the mini-series. The story seems to be pretty decent, even throwing in a couple of curve balls here and there. The interactions between the characters were great; Superman taking orders from Rip Hunter was amusing, and the hints thrown around that Booster Gold is actually Rip Hunter’s father were also well done. It’s just the first issue, but I say pick this issue up if you’re enjoying Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne. 3.5/5

Arnab Pradhan



  1. Aron

    Isn’t Superman capable of time travel all on his own? Why doesn’t he just go look?

  2. It’s great that you asked. That’s exactly the reason Rip Hunter brought him along. Rip was raised to time travel without affecting the future or the time that they are guest starring in. Superman was not taught the ways of time traveling and so while Rip didn’t want him along, he didn’t want Superman or Hal to go off on their own and screw things up even more, so he invited them along.

  3. Billy

    Great stuff! Batman Beyond sounds like it’s gonna be a winner.

  4. Anisa

    I’m pretty sure I surprised myself when I came out of reading Brightest Day thinking “oh i liked that,” usually I just like the Boston Brand scenes.

    I agree with you about Time Masters, it held and is holding my interest (unlike Batman Beyond.)

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  6. The Angery Comic Critic

    Love Batman Beyond but I’ll always be confused on continuity for ever appearance he makes in DC Comics is he a new earth character is it his DC animated universe incarnation or what because you just don’t know look in the Superman Batman annual #4 and it appears to be in DCAU by how the batcave is drawn but the same can’t be said for the limited series

  7. This issue of Brightest Day was actually a breath of fresh air when compared to the past few issues.

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