July 20, 2010

An End to the Teen Titans’ Growing Pains?

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Written by: Andy
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Last week, DC’s The Source revealed the artist who will be teaming up with Green Arrow writer, J.T. Krul, on the new direction of Teen Titans starting this October. Nicola Scott (Blackest Night: Wonder Woman, Secret Six) will be drawing DC’s favorite teen super heroes beginning with issue #88!

Nicola Scott's Wonder Woman

Not much is known about where Krul and Scott’s run on the Teen Titans is headed, but we do know a roster change is in order. Back in June, J.T. told Newsarama, “Specifically, I want to focus on the bond between the Titans. They’ve been through a lot over the years, and while they have their friction, they are a family.¬†Beyond that, I want to build up the team through the threats they face,¬†amping up the threats in terms of some new villains.”

Scott’s style is perfect for a teen book, and Krul has set himself up nicely by putting together a likable cast of characters for the title’s new direction. The new Teen Titans team will still be led by Wonder Girl and current members Conner Kent, Kid Flash, Raven, and Beast Boy will remain on the roster. That means Blue Beetle, Bombshell, Aquagirl, Miss Martian, and Static are out. I say good riddance…except for Miss Martian. Where these cut characters are headed is uncertain, though we do know Blue Beetle is now appearing in Justice League: Generation Lost, and Static will be getting his own ongoing in 2011.

So who’s filling in the holes? Two personal favorites of mine: the estranged Ravager, and the grittiest kid in Gotham City, Damian Wayne! Having these two characters on the team should provide for a very interesting dynamic, considering each has a strong, bold, and confident personality. Also, what’s a Teen Titans squad without a Robin? I would love a guest appearance from former Teen Titan Cassandra Cain! I have a soft spot for Cassie, but unfortunately she’s been in comic book limbo for the better part of a year now. Wendy Harris (who now goes by ‘Proxy’), Misfit, Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), and Speedy would also be cool guest characters.

A new era of the Teen Titans!

Teen Titans has been scrambling to find its voice ever since the major players left the title a little over a year ago; Supergirl, Tim Drake, and Ravager all made their exit in that time, taking the gusto of the series with them. The recent death of Kid Devil only further hindered the book’s quest in finding a likable cast, but with Ravager returning to the fold and Damian joining too, things should be getting interesting again for this group of kids!

Look for Teen Titans #88 in October, and stay tuned to for an interview with series writer, J.T. Krul! To hold you over, check out this sketch of things to come:

Andy Liegl