September 28, 2009

The Wacky Month of Zen is Coming to!

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Written by: Andy
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zen_mignola_comicThe Wacky Month of Zen is coming to in October!

That’s right faithful readers, starting October 1st Zen Intergalactic Ninja invades the site as throughout the month Andy will highlight and review comics featuring the awesome alien! Plus,¬†Wacky Comic Wednesday takes on an all blue hue in spirit of the event, and interviews with Zen’s creators, Stephen Stern and Dan Cote, are sure to please old and new Zen fans from across the universe. So bust out your favorite zafu and get ready to experience The Wacky Month of Zen only at!

Check out these shots of Stephen Stern, Dan Cote, and the Zen elite at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con:


Are you ready for the invasion?

Andy Liegl



  1. Ha…I did a cover for THIS book TOO! Or, maybe it was a pin up. At any rate…not nearly as good as that beautiful Mignola piece!

  2. InfiniteSpeech

    When I firt heard about this title years ago I had planned on picking it up but it always gets pushed aside. Now with it being re launced I was debating on checking it out once more…are the older issues in a trade?

  3. Ryan

    Ah…Zen… that lovely weird book that accompanied TMNT as my nerd passion growing up. I can hardly wait…

  4. @ Ken- you do covers for everything!

    @ Speech- you know, I’m not sure if the series is in trade…

    @ Ryan- so you liked Zen but not the Hamsters?

  5. oops…interior pin up

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