July 14, 2010

Marvel Reviews: Iron Man Noir #4

Iron Man Noir #4
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Scott Snyder
Art: Manuel Garcia
Cover: Mike Fyles
Price: US $3.99
Release Date: July 14, 2010

***CAUTION: This Review May Contain Spoilers!***

With the true identity of Zemo revealed, the arrival of the Nazi armored suit (named Arsenal), and the Repulsor Power that keeps Tony’s heart pumping dwindling down last issue, what’s left to be done? FIGHT, OF COURSE!!! LET’S GET IT ON!!!

Warning: Repulsor Power Level: 15%.
Action: High!
Pepper Potts: Rescued!
Original Marvel Universe Iron Man Roller Skates Feature: TOTALLY OUT DONE!
Stark, Rhodey, & Potts: Safe!
Warning: Repulsor Power Level: 10%
Tony Stark: Not done yet!  Goes after the Orichalcum!
Warning: Repulsor Power Level: 08%
Nazi Scum: Brings out their army of Arsenal suits!
Warning: Repulsor Power Level: 02%
What Happens Next: Not gonna tell you! Buy the book!
Not Buying the Book or the Trade Paperback: IDIOT!

This high-octane adventure which was so originally and beautifully crafted by Scott Snyder and Manuel Garcia has finally reached its conclusion. I’m totally sad that this book was only a four-issue mini-series. It was such an original series that totally went against the grain of the Marvel Noir line. Iron Man Noir didn’t contain seedy back alleys with guys in pinstripe suits and fedoras shooting Tommy Guns and saying, “Yeah, seeeeeee?” It contained a whole bunch of hold-on-tight-because-something-is-about-to-EXPLODE! It contained Tony Stark: The Original Most Interesting Man in the World. Like I said before, this incarnation of  Tony Stark taught Chuck Norris how to grow a beard!

I’m very sad to see this series end. If you are not reading this series, you need to try to find all four issues as fast as you can, or get in line for the Trade Paperback. You will not be disappointed.

On a happier note, it was announced today that Scott Snyder is now writing exclusively for DC Comics. This coming November, he will be the new ongoing writer for Detective Comics, starring Batman!

From the bottom of our comic-attacking hearts, Mr. Snyder, congratulations! You certainly finished up at Marvel with a BANG!

Aron White



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  2. Billy

    Cool! I’m definitley getting this in Tpb.

  3. InfiniteSpeech

    TPB it is!

  4. Aron

    Wise choices, my friends!

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