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July 1, 2010

Princess Powerful Attacks: Penny-Keep Your Head Up & Dr. Horrible #1

Pg 1 of Penny-Keep Your Head Up

Title: Penny: Keep Your Head Up
Writer: Zack Whedon
Art: Jim Rugg
Colors: Dan Jackson
Letters: Nate Piekos
Cover: N/A
Issue: Myspace Dark Horse Presents #23
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Pages: 8
Price: $0.00
Release Date: June 2009

Penny: Keep Your Head Up focuses on Penny as she goes through a typical day in her life.  She vigorously helps others in need through various organizations and charities dedicated to help people.  Penny takes a vow against men when things go bad on her date.  She decides to go to her local laundromat where she meets a new friend.

Side Notes: Penny: Keep Your Head Up was reprinted in the MySpace Dark Horse Presents trade paperback vol. 04.

I was able to sympathize with Penny and loved how her character flaws made her a believable person.  The simple and quirky illustrations managed to retain an innocent charm throughout the story.  Jim Rugg, the comic book’s artist, perfected his art style since the story’s publication; Penny: Keep Your Head Up had heavier lines than The Guild .

Cover A of Dr. Horrible #1

Title: Dr. Horrible
Writer: Zach Whedon
Art: Joëlle Jones
Color: Dan Jackson
Letter: Nate Piekos
Cover: Kristian Donaldson (Cover A, Cover B, Cover C)
Issue: #1
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Pages: 40
Price: $3.50
Release Date: November 2009

Dr. Horrible #1 begins with Billy (Dr. Horrible) as a young boy who idolizes superheroes.  He witnesses a superhero brawl that personifies his bullying problems and is inspired to become a villain.  Join Dr. Horrible as he recounts how he met Captain Hammer, fell in love with Penny, and became the villain that he is today!

Side Notes: Dr. Horrible #1 was part of the One Shot Wonders series by Dark Horse Comics.

Dr. Horrible #1 had several references to the show, such as Dr. Horrible finding inspirations for his future projects featured in the series.  I hope that the typo at the end of the comic book was printed that way on purpose; it made sense when Dr. Horrible’s name was misspelled in his local newspaper since he was an unknown villain.  The 1950s scientific superhero aspect of the covers brought consistency with our timeline and older traditions seen in comic books of the past.  The comic book’s pinup had Captain Hammer standing amongst a local reporter and his fans revering him in his presence.  The propagandistic image made up for the awkward portions in the image.

The Dr. Horrible trade paperback will be available on September 22!  It collects Dr. Horrible #1 with all three digital comic book stories from Myspace Dark Horse Presents, and includes a never-before-seen story about the secret organization Evil League of Evil!  A recent announcement confirmed that Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog will have a sequel, as another web series or a feature length film!

Penny: Keep Your Head Up and Dr. Horrible #1 continue a previous review regarding the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog comic book adaptations.

Princess Powerful



  1. Dr. Horrible sounds like one of those fun reads and with an organization name like the Evil League of Evil I’m pretty much convinced

  2. Princess Powerful

    Yea 🙂 All of these comics don’t require previous knowledge of the series, but it helps ^_^

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Comic Attack, Comic Attack. Comic Attack said: Show @DarkHorseComics some love and check out the Dr. Horrible and Penny Keep Your Head Up comics!! http://dld.bz/ky3J #comics […]

  4. Amanda K

    Yes, the typo was definitely intended.
    In the musical, during the song “Slipping”, Dr. Horrible informs a reporter that his name is spelled with two R’s.

  5. Princess Powerful

    Ahh good 🙂 I bet the reporters know how to spell his name now after kicking Captain Hammer’s butt 😉

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