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June 28, 2010

DC Comics Reviews: Superman #700

Superman #700

Publisher: DC Comics
Writers: James Robinson, Dan Jurgens, J. Micheal Straczynski
Artists: Bernard Chang, Dan Jurgens, Eddy Barrows
Cover: Gary Frank

June is full of anniversaries for DC. Just a few weeks ago Batman #700 was released, and now Superman makes his landmark 700th issue, and what a cool issue it is.

This giant-sized anniversary issue is all about reconnecting. After the War of the Supermen, Clark Kent is back on Earth and looking to resume his life. The issue is divided into three stories by different teams, but all share the common theme of renewal.

The first story, “The Comeback,” written by James Robinson and penciled by Bernard Chang, has Superman saving Lois from her usual trouble. Half the story is Superman pounding his favorite purple rogue, while the other half is Lois and Clark settling back into their relationship. It might be a little too mushy for some fans, but it makes this hopeless romantic happy to see the two finally back together. Chang’s art gets the job done, but there are some pretty awkwardly funny facial expressions all through his sixteen pages.

The next story, “Geometry,” by Dan Jurgens is actually more of a…get this…Robin the Boy Wonder story than a Superman story. When Bruce’s duties to Wayne Industries call for him to appear at a social gathering, young Dick Grayson is left at home with strict orders to stay put, and not going out as Robin alone. Ever the defiant young teenager, Robin, against his mentor’s orders, tackles a crime in progress, only to realize he’s in over his head; but luckily, Superman was not far behind.

Over all, it’s a goofy, yet fun story, but it feels pretty far out of place in this issue. Superman really didn’t even play a huge part in it, and it wasn’t as good as previous Superman/Dick Grayson meetings we’ve seen before.

The third and final story by J. Michael Straczynski is without question the highlight of the book. The prologue to “Grounded,” Straczynski’s story continuing in Superman #701, shows us how Superman’s absence from Earth has effected the people. What follows is a highly emotional reflection by the Man of Steel on his priorities and rediscovering what’s really important about being Superman. Superman makes the conscious decision that he’s spent too much time in the space above his fellow man, and not enough time on the ground alongside them. Choosing to rid himself of the bird and plane aspect of his persona, Superman stays grounded with his people.

If these ten pages are just the beginning of what Straczynski has in store for the Superman title, then this has potential to be the most riveting Superman story since All-Star Superman, and might be one even non-Superman fans might wanna checkout.

700 issues in and Superman is still on top of comics with some of the newest and greatest talent attached to his name. Superman is forever.

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