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September 26, 2009

Gotta Have It! Figure Edition: Eaglemoss DC Lead Figures

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Hi everyone! It’s about time we touched on DC after focusing on Marvel. To kick this off, I’m not going to review one figure. Oh no. I’m going all out with Eaglemoss Publishing’s DC lead figure and magazine line. “But Dee… these don’t have any articulation! Wouldn’t that make them statues?” Hmm… Good point, my friends. But since they are officially listed as figures everywhere, we’ll continue to call them figures! So let’s get started!

Company: Eaglemoss Publications

Articulation: None

Captain Marvel Lead Figure and Magazine

Captain Marvel Lead Figure and Magazine

Packaging:  Magazine and the grey box that holds the figure are usually packaged in a clear bag. The box holding the lead figure is very sturdy and the figure is encased in a plastic shell without twisty ties, which is excellent as it keeps from ruining the paint.

Released: The line started in early 2009.

Where to buy: Most comic book shops are carrying theses, if not, check out online toy stores. These range in prince from $12-14 dollars for the regular sized figures and $20-30 on the larger figures. Now while some may say that these 3” figures are expensive, you need to put into perspective that comics now are $3-4 separately, so I do believe these are reasonable in price.

Magazines: 20 full color pages showcasing the character with their personal history, relatives, enemies, and love interests. Also included as the last two pages is a detailed DC world history. To learn all about this section, you need to collect all of the issues.


Aquaman lead figure

High points: This is a great way to not only learn more about the characters and the history with the magazines and we are given really nice looking lead figures with really intricate detail. Some of the accessories, Robin’s staff and Riddler’s cane, for example, are all removable to be safely packaged. This also keeps the accessories from being bent out of shape.The best thing of all? You can collect anyone you want. Do you want all of Batman’s villians to have as your own gallery? Done! The Teen Titans? Done! Also, these are also in scale with each other. Catwoman will not tower over Batman. Instead, Killer Croc will be the one towering over the Dark Knight. If these keep up in popularity, we will probably get lead figures of obscure characters that we either want to know more about, or love already.

Riddler magazine

Riddler magazine

Low points: Paint is the main issue here. Some figures have fantastic paint jobs, others have a lot of paint bleeding or mis-paint (such as a white stripe on nose or missed areas, though this is very rare). Also, since the bags are not supported by anything but the magazine, bent issues are another thing to look out for and avoid. Another problem, not directly dealing with the figures, is that they are not released in order state side. I found Donna Troy (issue 22) before Joker (issue 3) was released at my comic shop.

Current issue/figure list:

Starfire, Nightwing, Donna Troy lead figures

Starfire, Nightwing, Donna Troy lead figures

1. Batman
2. Superman
3. Joker
4. Green Lantern
5. Flash
6. Robin
7. Green Arrow
8. Wonder Woman
9. Catwoman
10. Ra’s Al Ghul
11. Lex Luthor
12. Two-Face
13. Scarecrow
14. Supergirl
15. Shazam
16. Riddler
17. Starfire
18. Martian Manhunter
19. Nightwing
20. Booster Gold
21. Raven
22. Donna Troy
23. Spectre
24. Creeper
25. Deadshot
26. Penguin
27. Deathstroke
28. Sinestro
29. Black Adam
30. Captain Cold
31. Aquaman
32. Superboy-Prime
33. Hawkman
34. Blue Beetle II
35. Bizarro
36. Hitman
37. Batgirl (Cassandra Caine)
38. Guy Gardner
39. Brother Blood
40. Shazam: Mary
41. Golden Age Green Lantern
42. Cyborg Superman
43. Poison Ivy
44. Dr Light (Villain)
45. Harley Quinn
46. Firestorm
47. Cyborg
48. Red Tornado
49. Beast Boy
50. Huntress
51. Atom
52. Golden Age Flash
53. Red Robin
54. Black Canary
55. Lobo
56. Mr. Miracle
57. Metamorpho
58. Adam Strange
59. Mr. Freeze
60. Zatanna

Batman and Batcycle lead figure


Killer Croc
Solomon Grundy
Batman on Batcycle
Superman Memorial Statue
Gorilla Grodd

Dee McNamara



  1. Billy

    That Nightwing figure looks pretty cool. Someday I’ll set aside some money for statues.

  2. These are freakin’ gorgeous statues. They sell like hot cakes at my store. Of DC I currently have: Nightwing, Robin, Catwoman, and Batgirl. If I could shell out the cash I’d get Batman on the motorcycle. Characters I’m hoping they’ll make are John Stewart, Spoiler, Huntress, and Black Canary.

  3. Kristin

    If the mag is worth $4, you’re saying the figures are worth around $10. I guess that’s not too bad. You can get anime figures of the same size for around $7, but in random boxes, and you usually have to put them together.

    I’m not sure about the “larger,” pricier ones, though. And some of them definitely look better than others.

  4. Jay HAll

    How can I get a replacement for the Batman Batcycle figurine.

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