June 23, 2010

Vertigo Reviews: American Vampire #4

American Vampire #4
Publisher: Vertigo Comics
Writers: Scott Snyder & Stephen King
Art/Cover: Rafael Albuquerque
Variant Cover: J.H. Williams III
Pages: 40
Price: US $3.99
Release Date: June 23, 2010

***CAUTION: This Review Contains Spoilers!***

1925.  Pearl Jones.

Betrayal.  Tears.  Blood.  No moon.  Retreat.

After brutal, spectacular slayings of movie studio vampires last issue, Pearl is left weakened under a moonless night.  The only weakness we know of so far, of this American breed of vampire.  True friendship provides healing and a commitment to the cause.  Pearl has regrouped and is no longer alone.

1909.  Skinner Sweet.

Refuge.  Blood.  Broken bones.  No moon.  Escape.

After raising all kinds of Hell, there’s not much left of Lakeview.  With a moonless night, Sweet has to take it easy, but still Marshall Book and his men come.  Book and Sweet have it out for the first time since the train ride to Sweet’s hanging.  Book gets a slight upper hand, but he has a hellish nightmare on the way.  He just doesn’t know it yet.

Things slow down a little bit after the (face) rip roaring good time we had last month.  Both Snyder and King establish and emphasize just how much this moonless weakness plays a part on the new line of vampires.  Both Pearl and Skinner are given reason to be more furious and vicious after they’ve regrouped.  Rafael Albuquerque and colorist Dave McCaig continue to bring savage beauty to this world of sparkle-free vampires in both time periods.  If you’re still cooing over the romanticism of Edward Cullen and Bill Compton and haven’t pulled on your gasoline boots and taken this horrifying trip through Hell, may God have mercy on your soul.  Scary, blood thirsty vampires are awesome once again.  You need to have these vampires on your pull list.

To Scott Snyder and Stephen King: I have never asked anything from either one of you.  But this time, gentlemen…I’m asking for the moon….

Aron White



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  3. Kristin

    Who is Bill Compton? Or maybe I should ask, what is he from?

  4. Aron White

    Bill Compton is from the Sookie Stackhouse novels and the True Blood television series. Sheesh, Kristin, get hip! 🙂

  5. getting this series in the hard covers


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