September 25, 2009

X-Men/Agents of Atlas Preview

If you didn’t get enough X-Men crossover action during the Utopia story line, rest assured because in October our merry band of mutants will mix it up with the Agents of Atlas. The two issue mini-series X-Men/Agents of Atlas will be written by fan favorite Jeff Parker with pencils by Carlo Pagulayan and Chris Samnee. Essentially the premise is that a member of the AoA has been abducted and the rest of the team requires the help of Cerebra to find their comrade. So when the X-Men are busy moving from the shores of San Francisco to their island of exile appropriately named Utopia, the Agents break into Graymalkin Industries to get their hands on the valuable equipment, and drama unfolds.

Apparently, Parker has hinted that the original five X-Men will get most of the face time in this mini mini-series (except Jean, obviously), which bodes well with this X-fan! When asked whom his favorite characters to write are, Parker responded with, “I really enjoyed writing Dr. Nemesis, Cyclops and Iceman in particular. I know everyone thinks “Cyclops?” but it’s fun to push his buttons.” I’m more like “Iceman!?” Awesome! Check out some preview images below:






Isn’t the art gorgeous? Pagulayan and Samnee should get another shot at penciling the X-Men again some time in the near future. I’m sure many fans are looking at this two issue mini-series as yet another marketing ploy, and while I don’t deny that Marvel (like any other business) is out to make as much money as possible, but fans should put some stock in the fact that this series is written by a very talented writer in Jeff Parker. He is familiar with the X-Men through his X-Men: First Class series, and is fresh off an extremely underappreciated run of Exiles, not to mention that he has been writing this current run of Agents of Atlas since issue #1. I have high hopes that this mini will actually be worth the cover price, unlike the Eternals/X-Men crossover from earlier this year which was a huge pile of ugly.

Andy Liegl



  1. InfiniteSpeech

    Why didn’t they just ASK the X Men for help?? Well if they did that we wouldn’t be getting this book now would we? lol The art does look great and since it’s only 2 issues i’ll probably pick it up

  2. Parker addressed that and said something along the lines of that the rescue is urgent and needs to happen ASAP so the Agents (who are loosely a group of villains) don’t have the time to negotiate!

    … and yes, if they asked first we wouldn’t have this series.

  3. billy

    I can’t wait for this to ship!

  4. As an Agents reader from the beginning and X-Men fan from the 60s, I’m really looking forward to this mini. With his current ties to both teams is should be interesting to see how Namor plays into all of this.

  5. DecapitatedDan


  6. How awesome is it that Cloak and Dagger are playing the role of team teleporter?

  7. InfiniteSpeech

    It seems like Nightcrawler just keeps getting pushed further and further back..first he was bumped by Pixie and now Cloak lol

  8. Jeff Jackson

    I just don’t see the point. I think I’ll be passing.

  9. @ Speech: Yeah, poor Kurt. It’s been awhile since he hasn’t been in the forefront of the X-Men.

    @ Jeff: What’s there not to like?

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