June 21, 2010

Ink Stains 20a: I Will Be Back!

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Written by: kenmeyerjr
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Hello everyone.

I wanted to give everyone kind enough to follow this column a heads up. This week’s installment will be delayed another 7 days due to some events I have to handle here at home.

I have a couple of great ‘zines I’m going to choose from, including issues of Anomaly (Strnad, Corben, Kline), Reality (Kaluta and more), and others.

For now, just for the heck of it, I will show a few pieces of mine from fanzines you haven’t seen yet (for the most part), as well as a few wacky Christmas cards (I do one each year).

So, tune in again next week and we will get back on schedule with another great fanzine!

My first published work anywhere, hero Bruce Lee inked by Brent Anderson, who I was corresponding with at the time.

Obviously, my love of Wrightson is showing here.

This is a character of mine called Feral, sort of a blatant amalgam of Wolverine, Kraven and the Creeper. This was from a card deck and is inked by Mike Christian, a studio mate of mine at the time.

This crazy thing was a submission for whatever company produced an incredibly funny comic called The Trouble With Girls.

Yes, that is Hillary Clinton. The gentleman to the right asked me to do some art for shirts to help with her campaign for Prez a while back…that’s my art on the shirt.  I am sure she is thinking, “What the hell is this sh@t?”

This is one of several graphics I did to try to promote the Caliber series I worked on for awhile called Kilroy is Here. They didn’t help.

Above you see one of many illustrations I did for the San Diego Comic Con program book over the years. Boy, I still love that duoshade paper!

And last, and certainly least, is one of my many goofy Christmas cards, this one was done in 1983, alluding to my worldwide fame and how I can go nowhere without being…ignored.

Tune in next week when we get back to fanzine land!

Ken Meyer Jr.



  1. Nice work Ken! …but no shots of Clint the Hamster Triumphant?

    : D

  2. That Bruce Lee is amazing along with the year you drew it in!

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  4. Thanks, guys.

    I also have to say, due to some crazy bad developments in my life today, I don’t really know if I WILL be back, after all. Will keep Andy posted.

  5. Ken Meyer Jr.

    Sorry to go back and forth, but if any of you are reading this, I am going to try to do the column monthly, so the next one will be month from now.

  6. Sorry to read “crazy bad”, I hope thing improve quickly. Thanks for continuing the column. I look forward to each edition.

    Take care,

  7. Thanks, Richard…things have calmed down some. I will get back to the actual regular column soon and should be able to post monthly. I hope to get back to bi weekly in a month or so, but for now, my wife needs the computer more than I do.

  8. Just a heads up to all of our ‘Stains’ followers:

    The next segment is scheduled for August 1st, so stay tuned!

  9. Jason

    Looking forward to it!

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